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UPDATED Ghost MV1 Review – 7-12-2018

It’s been a year since the original overhyped Ghost MV1 drama. Vape Critic hyped the MV1 for many months exclaiming it as the best vape ever, but when it finally released it was a dud.

Ghost spent the next 10 months improving the vaporizer and solving most of the issues and I’m happy to offer an updated review the Ghost MV1.

Unlike other reviewers, I make no money from the Ghost MV1. I even purchased my units with my own money…

Here is what Ghost fixed after my first MV1 review
– redesigned heatsink and mouthpiece gasket to prevent leaky airpath
– improved interior surface of heatsink to reduce glass-on-ceramic scratching
– reprogrammed software to maximize battery life and bring it into an acceptable range
– designed and launched a crucible dispenser for us stoners who vape more than .1g at a time
– fixed tolerance gaps in silicone/crucible fitting to eliminate air leaking
– tweaked software to reduce electronic noise

Here’s what they didn’t fix

Crucibles – Ghost is committed to the crucibles. They’re a pain in the ass to deal with now because they’re ceramic and stainless steel and re-usable. They’re small and difficult to deal with, especially when they’re hot. These will eventually be replaced with disposable K-cup style pods, trading convenience for landfill space. Even worse.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeee – The vape makes a high pitch squealing sound when in use. It’s not loud or obnoxious to the point where it bothers everyone in the room, but it’s loud enough to bother me. Partly because I know it’s coming from low-quality electronic parts…

Here’s the good parts of my Ghost MV1 Review

Vapor Taste & Quality
The MV1 does put out some fantastic vapor. It is punchy, pure, and it tastes great. The MV1 is an on-demand vape. Push the button*, take a hit, put the vape away if that one hit was enough for you.

The crucible only holds .1g or less of ground cannabis. The vapor experience depends on your draw length and heat settings.

Vaporization & Extraction
The Ghost MV1 does a great job evenly extracting the THC and cannabinoids from dry herb and concentrates. Several comments and reviews mention a ‘magical factor’ that somehow extracts more or gets you higher than other vapes. This is nonsense. The Ghost MV1 won’t get you any higher than any other vape would.

At higher temperature settings the Ghost MV1 will completely extract a crucible in 3-6 long draws.

On Demand Dry Herb Vapor
I’ve never really been a fan of on-demand vaporizers until the (fixed and updated) Ghost MV1 showed me what it can do. With the loaded and ready MV1 in your pocket, you’re always 20 seconds away from a rich and tasty cloud of cannabinoids.

The on-demand usage is perfect for stepping into the men’s room and catching a quick lift while the wife and mother-in-law do their thing at whatever-the-fuck-store.

The Ghost MV1 is $395 with an extra battery, fast charger, and crucible dispenser.

The standalone MV1 is $295.

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  • Smokedata$$ July 13, 2018, 1:05 pm

    Troy, when you gonna do the full haze square review?

  • Aaron July 14, 2018, 5:53 am

    I too love the vapor from flower and concentrates. It works well enough, but I never feel like I get full extraction from flower. Flower extraction is sub par, at the end it kinda just cuts out, even with stirring…unless you wanna combust it on 2 to 3 red dots! For Oil it works great…in small doses… to keep oil away from the heating element as you stated, but well and thoroughly to the end. All in all it’s a great vape with some issues. A plus for the crucibles is having a clean swappable chamber for longevity, but in the same token the battery cost is shit for what it is…I sent my OG unit back due to the rubber backing defect, which was common apparently. They sent me a new unit which in all aspects operated better, clickier activation button, faster heat up times (it seemed)…noise was the same though, no luck there…but it you want the glass mouth piece instead of a plastic replacement swap it before sending your unit back…word to the wise….I mostly use my Hydrology 9 (it is a bitch to clean…but a great unit) and my Davinci IQ with the Vape Press (good call Troy) it makes the glass spacers seem more valid now…where as before they didn’t…can’t thank you enough for that Pax 3 Vape Press vid…shit brought my Davinci new life. I hope they expand their selections….cause it’s just a bit too large for the Hydrology 9….even with removing the stir tool and trying to shave the sides I tried….hahaha still not the same.

    Your true to life Troy brother,


  • SomeoneWhoCares August 8, 2018, 1:23 am

    The MV-1 is a huge disappointment and especially at the $295 price point. I dont use the damn thing anymore. Complete waste of money. Totally unreliable. If the heat sink is not on right, if the moon is full, if my dick is leaning to much to the left the damn thing does not work right. It is a fight to get vapor from the ghost Mv-1. You have to torch the dry herb to get a good extraction. If you have it on 2 Amber or 3 Amber lights only, forget it bud, you wont get shit for vapor.

  • SirCrackKillaH September 13, 2018, 3:01 am

    Yooo! This thing is still sick from when I first got it bro. With multiple batteries and maaad crucibles it will never die. This replaced my Mighty/Firefly combos.
    I guess what it is for me really is the toke and go type way I use it. It’s extremely effective at quickly getting some hits in while moving and then hiding it back away with minimal smell. The session vapes simply can’t do what this does. Mighty, Davinci, Fireflies all put me on blast in my pocket indoors. At least that’s been my experience. MV1 simply isn’t as smelly.
    Crucible system works for get up and go for me with quick swap outs.

    I wish this could be micro-ized somehow. Like a MIQRO or Haze Square. Gimme an easy to clean Haze Square with dosing capsule capability with the smoothness of draw of the MV1 and easy battery swapping capability like the MV1. That’d be sweeeet.

    • Troy September 21, 2018, 9:08 pm

      Bro an easy to clean haze square with dosing capsule capabilities would be fucking rad!!
      I get what you’re saying about usage style. I did some consulting a few months back and I had to be out and about all day. The MV1 with the little crucible dispenser worked AMAZING for quick hits throughout the day.
      I carried it about half of the time I think… but as soon as I get home I’m reaching for the Mighty. All about the experience and style I guess.
      The MV1 has grown on me. I should probably make another video 🙂

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