Vivant Vleaf GO – Instant On-Demand Convection Vaporizer

The Vleaf Go has just been released by Vivant. This vaporizer is INSTANT on-demand convection with an herb chamber designed for micro-dosing.

The Vleaf Go functions with as little as .02g of dried ground cannabis, or as much as .08g. Its bowl is considerably smaller than most other dry herb vaporizers.

The mouthpiece and cap features a clever built-in poker tool and the bowl is also designed with a built-in scooper. It’s great to see vape designers pushing some actual innovation to the interface.

Retailing at $70, the Vleaf GO is one of the most affordable battery-powered vaporizers.
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Vleaf Go Review Video

Here’s what makes the Vleaf GO different from other vaporizers

  1. Both the bowl and the heater assembly can be completely removed for cleaning or replacement. No other portable dry herb vape has these options. This allows you to clean your vaporizer thoroughly, as well as replace or even upgrade parts in the future.
  2. INSTANT on-demand. There’s no torching and no waiting. Push the button and inhale. The convection heater is ultra fast and the Vleaf GO will produce vapor/smoke without any wait-time.
  3. Built-in Scoop Tool / Built in Poker Tool – Two essential tools have been cleverly integrated with the vaporizer. The scoop tool is attached to the bowl and makes scooping up ground cannabis extremely easy. The mouthpiece has a poker tool built in as well!
  4. It’s MADE FOR SMALL DOSES! Finally! A vape company that optimizes for a smaller amount. Most vapes have big bowls and force smokers into vaping .5g at a time. This vape is much more realistic and in-tune with real-world dry herb vape users.

Vivant Vleaf GO – All About that Vapor

The Vleaf Go can hit hard and it can hit fast – but with that fast hitting convection comes additional harshness and hot vapor.

Longer hits with the Vleaf Go through the mouthpiece will end with hot and harsh vapor. Sometimes I even taste a hint of silicon during the longer hits.

The vapor path is straight and direct through the mouthpiece. Shorter hits are fine, but long hits get hot.

Vleaf Go Microdosing Cannabis
The Vleaf GO can hold as little as .02g and still produce a satisfying vapor/smoke

I’d really like to see the mouthpiece and vapor path improved.

What I like:
– Simple
– GREAT at microdosing
– removable bowl/heater

Vivant Vleaf Go exploded view

What I DO NOT like:
– No vapor cooling
– dim LED
– performance decline as battery dies
– screen falls off/sticks to bowl