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VAPE SHELF TOUR: My 200+ Weed Vapes / E-Rigs

This video was deleted when Youtube deleted my channel. Re-uploaded to vimeo for archival purposes. It’s been a year and my collection has nearly doubled! New vape collection video is on my list.

Desktop Vaporizers (1:50-5:00)

Ditanium Vaporizer – The Ditanium is an enail and dry herb vaporizer combined. For $269 it’s a great value, but it’s far from the best experience or the hardest hitting. (see my review)

Volcano Classic – This vape has been out for 20 years. It’s a fun vape for parties but at $479 I think I’d buy two cheaper vapes instead of this. The Volcano Hybrid is a LOT better.

Life Saber Vape – This unique handheld/desktop vape uses a ceramic rod as a convection heating element. It requires a special technique to use, but it’s a powerhouse with that right technique! 7th Floor Vapes are now available at Elev8 Glass Gallery

SSV43 / Ballsy Surfer – This is the absolute HARDEST hitting dry herb vape I have ever used. It started out as a regular Silver Surfer from 7th Floor, but I added a hundred or so borosilicate glass balls to the heater. This increases the power EXPONENTIALLY and turns the vape into an end-game vape. No other herb vape extracts this quickly and easily. The SSV43 can hit harder than a dab or any smoking method. You have to build this vape yourself.

Volcano Hybrid – Amazing vape with an incredible experience, but it’s a costly luxury. Coupon Code S&B15 will bring this vape to $578ish – which is still a lot. This vape hits like a dream though. Massive vapor upgrades over the Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital. The Volcano Hybrid adds conduction heating as well as custom programming. See my Volcano Hybrid Review for more info.

S&B Plenty – Built with the same convection heater as the Volcano Classic, the Plenty Vaporizer is a handheld vape with monstrous convection power. It looks goofy and it feels even goofier to use, but it can rip pretty hard. The bowl is massive and with full convection, the vapor gets pretty dry and harsh towards the end of the bowl. I think the Plenty needs an update before dropping $250 on it.

Vapexhale Cloud Evo – The Cloud Evo is a badass herb vape with massive amounts of desktop power. It’s a little bit fiddly with the ELB screens, but I usually find the process equally therapeutic. The Evo can vaporize dry herb as well as dabs and concentrates, although I really only use it with dry herb. I’m a dab snob though. The VapeXhale Cloud Evo starts around 350 and can quickly add up.

Arizer Extreme Q / EQ – The Arizer EQ is a wonderful value. The EQ delivers desktop vaporizer performance at only $150! The Extreme Q can be used with a whip or it can blow bags/balloons like the Volcano. I highly recommend the DDave mod with the EQ.

Dr Dabber Switch – see below. Technically the Switch is both dry herb and dabs, but it sucks for dry herb and I’m only going to talk about it as a dab rig.

G43 by Vape Critic – The G43 is technically portable, but it’s used as a desktop because it’s more powerful than nearly all of the rest. The G43 isn’t good for a first vape, but it’s a SLAMMING 3rd vape or beyond.

Dabs and Dab Rigs (5:00 – 8:00)

Dr Dabber Switch – Awesome for around the house dabs, but too large to really travel, the Switch is a powerhouse in terms of dabbing power and battery potential. The induction powered Dr Dabber Switch is capable of serving up massive, powerful dabs without a torch. Some upgrades are required to really make it awesome, but it’s a cool device for $399.

Puffco Peak / Vision Puffco Peak – The nicest hitting and most expensive e-rig. The Puffco Peak was first to market by more than a year, which means it has the most aftermarket accessory support AND the most fanbois. The Peak won’t quite melt your face off in terms of dabbing power, but it hits hard enough for most travel situations.
Standard Puffco Peak is $379 $299 and the special editions are $399. I highly recommend grabbing the titanium Puffco Peak cup, it’s the best of SIC vs Ti vs Ceramic vs Quartz.

Xvape Vista Mini 2 – NOT OUT YET SHHH
The Vista Mini 2 is coming very soon. This little dab rig does a few things different than the rest. Most notably, the carb cab is a female interface and it mounts to the device in a way that prevents it from falling off! It’s the smallest of all the e-rigs, but still dabs harder than the Peak at its hottest temperature. The Vista Mini 2 is expected around 4/20 at $169.

Shenzhen Crossing Core – The newest portable e-rig for dabs, the Core comes with 3 atomizers and it ROCKS for less than 200. I’ll have a review of the Core soon. Humboldt Vape company is selling a white-label CORE under its own brand. The Core is built on Sequoia technology and uses sequoia coils. What I like most about the Core is the on-demand interface. Just hit and hold the button to heat the cup. Release when you don’t need any more heat!

Kandypens Oura – Very Nice device, hits harder than Peak, but it’s not quite as fun to use. The touch-button interface on the Oura is really my only complaint – it can be a bit fussy.
The Oura atomizer and quartz cup is really where it shines. The Oura atomizer is built on better technology that won’t fail as often as the Peak/Carta. The Oura also comes with the quartz cup already installed.

RIO – Rig In One – This is the best portable dab rig and the one I reach for MOST – even here at my desk. This is my #1 choice for dabbing. It’s small and easy to carry, but most importantly – it serves up real dabs. It hits hard without sacrificing ANY of the flavors and terpenes. The Rio has a built in torch and uses a real quartz banger for dabbing.

Focus V Carta – The Carta is another of the cheaper e-rigs, coming in at $211 after coupon PUFFEDUP. The Focus V Carta has removable batteries and blue-tooth integration – but the device itself doesn’t actually remember your custom temp settings… which is kind of pointless.
The atomizer/cup of the Focus V Carta is smaller and more narrow than the rest, which means you need to take smaller dabs and/or not inhale so hard. Hitting the Focus Carta too hard pulls your dab out of the cup and into the working of the atomizer – no Bueno.

Shenzhen Crossing E-nail – The Shenzhen Crossing e-nail is priced at a budget-friendly $140 while including higher quality components than many other e-nails. This e-nail comes with an extra-large 30mm quartz banger and axial coil that wraps around the bottom of the banger. The e-nail controller itself is SO MUCH nicer and easier to use than most cheap Chinese e-nail controllers. This is my favorite e-nail that uses a traditional style quartz bucket/banger.

Vista Mini original – Ignore these, don’t buy. The new one is much better.

Dry Herb Vape Collection (8:00 – 11:59)

Firewood 4 – No longer available, the Firewood 4 was my favorite. It used the capsule system and had a removable 18650 battery.

Firewood 5 – The first Firewood Vape to break away from the capsule system, the Firewood 5 had a ceramic loading tray with 5 bowls milled from it. The vape could vape each bowl independently by adjusting the position of the tray.

Firewood 6 – The Firewood 6 is the most recent iteration of the Firewood vaporizers. Rather than capsules or multiple loading bowls, the FW6 utilizes a unique herb stash and the stir tool doubles as the stash lid!

Firewood 3 – The Firewood 3 was my first Firewood vaporizer. It’s very similar to the 4 in terms of functionality, minus the removable battery and cooling unit mouthpiece.

Tetra P80 – This is a SLAMMIN’ herb vape from lamart.ch. Built on a Sinuous P80 e-cig mod with a removable 18650 battery, the Tetra P80 is a convection vape with on-demand and session modes. It’s a high powered vape capable of quick extractions and fat, milky hits.

Sticky Brick OG (Modern Cannabists) – In Leopardwood with the Modern Cannabists logo. The OG Sticky Brick is the largest vape from Sticky Brick Labs, but they all hit about the same.
The OG Brick is $179. Hit up my Sticky Brick guide to see which brick is best for you.

Dreamwood Dobby – I think this is my favorite Dreamwood. It hits really nice and it’s really portable. The flame intake can be stored inside. It hits nice and is pretty easy to get the hang of it.

RBT Zion – The one that started it all for RastaBuddhaTao. The Zion has dual removable 18650s and a temp dial to control the full convection heater.

Simrell Vortex for Dynavap Vapcap – The Vortex is a unibody stem for the Vapcap vaporizer. The condenser is built-in and the airport is off-set, which creates a vortex within the vapor path and cools the vapor. See my full review or pick one up from Simrell.

Original / First Edition Dynavap Vapcap – The very first vape from Dynavap. The original Dynavap Vapcap was made of glass! This vape has converted a lot of people from smoking because the vapor is thick and robust and the heating method is familiar to smokers.

Sneaky Pete Devil’s Pitchford – This should count as two Dynavap vapcaps right? This glass vapcap accessory from SneakyPete holds TWO TIPS and combines the vapor into a WPA. Code

Ed’s TNT PipeScents – The Pipescents is an artisan vape made by Ed over at Eds TNT. He’s a great dude and he makes awesome vapes. The Pipescents is a collectors item and fun vape to have in my line-up.

Dreamwood DLX Pro – This is one of my favorite butane vapes. It comes with a glass mouthpiece as well as an 18mm male glass adapter – which is how I keep mine setup. This thing rocks on a bong and the Dreamwood style flame intake is less intense than the Sticky Brick. The DLX Pro is available at Vgoodiez.

Lotus Vaporizer – The Lotus is a fun little vape. It’s got a great ritual and produces super tasty vapor with the right technique. It’s a unicycle style vaporizer. It requires a little bit of learning, but once you get the hang of it, it’s all you want to hit.

Lamart Piro – The Piro is hella fun. It’s a little butane vape that adapts to any 18mm male glass. It’s only $60 and can rip as hard as the Sticky Bricks.

Ember from Prrl Labs – This one is neat! It requires some patience and technique to pull milky hits. It’s more of a collector’s vape though at $229.

Sub-ohm Black dry herb tank(s) – Don’t buy these. I bought these so you don’t have to. Sub-ohm dry herb atomizers are junk. Skip to the Stempod.

Divine Tribe – Ehhh. People make this one work, but I still think you should spend your money elsewhere.

5TEN by Vivant – I can’t remember if it’s 5TEN or FIVE10 so I’m going to reference them both for better SEO. At this time, the FIVE10 or 5TEN is not available and no launch date is expected. Ever.

Stempod by Modpodlabs – The biggest, beefiest, rebuildable-est 510 dry herb vape. Made of heavy stainless steel. It’s dishwasher safe and completely rebuildable. Starting at $120 with a few combos available.

Mistvape IMP – Artisan vape made by Mistvape. Really neat. This guy makes all of the parts and they hit pretty nice!

Dreamwood Glow 18 – The bigger of the Dreamwood 510s. I did a big 510 comparison video if you’re really interested in these things.

Dreamwood Glow 14 – The smaller older Dreamwood 510.

Dreamwood Glow 14 v2 – The newer version of the RCV 14. I like the newer version much better!

Mistvape IMPcognito – The IMPCognito is an alternate version of the Mistvape IMP. It uses a smaller body and mouthpiece for ultimate portability. The IMPCognito works really well in some recessed atomizer mods!

Mistvape Beast (not mentioned) – I forgot to mention this. Probably better that way. It’s a 510 powered Dynavap vapcap heater. It uses conduction and that’s all I have to say about that. No link.

Stempod SI – Best value in dry herb 510. This is the best budget 510 dry herb atomizer from Modpodlabs. The Stempod SI works great on a bong and works with all the fancy glass nipple cooling mouthpieces.

TetraX by Lamart – The beefy Tetra heater in the BoXed design from Ralph over at Lamart.ch. It’s still 510 powered, but it’s attached to the mod with a cable rather than stacking. This is a MONSTER on a bong.

RBT Splinter / Splinter Z – RastaBuddaTao made some awesome heaters and fitted them into wooden 510 dry herb atomizers. The Splinter Z probably had the best 510 weed vapor, but other issues prevent this product from being recommended or even sold in vape shops…

Next Shelf of Vapes! (12:00 – )

S&B Mighty – My most used, and most recommended dry herb vape. It’s $296 after coupon S&B15 and there are VERY FEW disappointed Mighty owners.

S&B Crafty – I never reviewed or recommended the original Crafty. I thought mine was a dud, especially next to the Mighty!

Crafty+ – It’s no Mighty, but it’s a lot better than the old Crafty. The Crafty+ can at least deliver 4 bowls per charge, but if you’re a heavy smoker you will be disappointed. Crafty+ is $256 after code S&B15.

Haze Square Pro – Ahh that ol’ chestnut. The Haze Square was a 4-bowled convection vape that was probably doomed from the start.

Haze Dual – Before there were 4, there were 2! The Haze Dual, or the Haze 2 and 2.5 was a conduction vape with two ovens! I actually really liked this vape and thought it was pretty handy.

Tinymight – Jesus stop DMing me about this vape! J/k. Kind of. The Tinymight is certainly the most hyped vape of the last two months. Removable 18650. Full convection. On-demand and Session. Yeah, it’s a great vape!

Flowermate CAP – This one isn’t out yet, AFAIK. It’s an ultra-portable conduction vape from Flowermate. It’s surprisingly small and functional! I’m still testing and will review if worthy.

Davinci IQ2 – The IQ2 is pretty nice and I made an early review video here. I think the older IQ is a better value than the $295 IQ2.

Davinci IQ – I’ve had my Davinci IQ for 3 years now and it’s still going strong. I’ve beat the shit out of it and it works like a champ. Recently price-dropped to $229.

Davinci MIQRO – Super small, super cute. But not super capable. The Miqro works as good as any $70 micro-sized conduction vape – except the Miqro is $120. The 18350 battery is pretty weak.

Tetra Dual – What a beast! Shortlived in production, but dayum this vape rips. Replaced by the Tetra P80.

Firefly 2 – Super tasty pure convection hits if you’re willing to do the work. I’m not. This vape is a shelf vape.

Firefly 2+ – I think the FF2 would have had a chance if it performed like the FF2+ out of the gate. Too little too late for this inconvenient interface. Still super tasty vapor, but its a no.

Vleaf GO – Oh I can’t talk about this yet. It comes out in a few days though I think. Code 420vapezone should save you 20% at Vivant.store.

Sticky Brick Runt OG – One of a kind! This is the very first Runt ever made. It’s as wide as the OG and has a dovetail joint. I love it!

Sticky Brick Junior in Pink Ivory – this wood is something else man. The Junior is probably the most popular Sticky Brick I see in the wild. It’s the most portable of the hard-hitting Sticky Bricks at $149.

Fury Edge – The Fury Edge is my #1 budget pick for those looking for a battery-powered herb vape. The Fury Edge is only $150 and it produces a great vapor with a wonderful battery performance – upwards of 6 bowls per charge. It also charges via USB-C.

Fury 2 – The Fury 2 used to be my favorite budget vape until the Edge came out. Now the Fury 2 is only $110 though, so it’s still kind of awesome and a really good deal. Same vapor as the Edge, but less battery.

The One – Just like the Fury 2. Same vapor, titanium bowl, better accessories. PoTV made some nice little updates to The One.

Simrell Vortex Shorty w/Simrell Vault – Same Vortex design and intercooler, but in a shorter size. The Shorty Vortex is the same size as the VapCap M. The Vault stores the Shorty Vortex vape and a zippo-style torch lighter!

Dynavap Omni XL in Green – Oh man I LOVE this vape. It has a satin finish and the green just pops in the daylight. The adjustable airport is a dream-come-true. This is the Cadilac of Dynavap Vapcap vaporizers at $190.

KG Woodcraft Purpleheart stem – A beautiful handmade stem from Alyson over at KG Woodcraft. This stem is lined with stainless steel and turned to perfection!

Dynavap 2020 Vapcap M – The latest Dynavap Vapcap! I recently made a first look video for the new 2020 Vapcap M.

2019 Vapcap M in colors (Gold, Rosium) – Dynavap released 3 different colors of the 2019 M. They’re available here.

Occonnel WoodworksThe OHV is another butane powered wooden vape! They hit softer than the others but have a nice feel.

Lil Bud Elite The Timber by VapWood – Not only did I call it ugly, but I also called it by the wrong name. Damn. Something about the perpendicular wood grain really rubs me the wrong way.

Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) – The old school battery operated vape. This was probably the first successful portable dry herb vape on the market. Heavily counterfeited and no longer relevant.

Firewood 6 out of place – Hey I have two Firewood 6s because one doesn’t hit right.

Sticky Brick Runt – This is my favorite Sticky Brick! The Runt is the latest vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs. It offers the smoothest user experience of the Sticky Brick lineup and is available for $140.

Flowermate Slick ultra-budget conduction vape here. Vapor is very much OK. This would be a good starter vape for someone looking to microdose or just vape a single bowl per day on the weekend.

Xmax V2 Pro – Another super affordable herb vape. The Xmax 2 is $30 worse than the Flowermate Slick.

Grasshopper in SS – I’m so sad my Grasshopper doesn’t work anymore.

Grasshopper in Ti – This one is dead as well. I bought 3. Gave one away. I bet that one is dead too.

Vapman – This vape from Switzerland is such a fun vape to use. Despite being 15 years old, the Vapman can put out some wonderful vapor with the right heating technique. It’s a butane conduction vape. Vapman.ch.

Oconnell (not mentioned)

Sticky Brick Hydro Base – Fractal – The Hydro Base from Sticky Brick has an 18mm male glass joint that can utilize a glass mouthpiece or a hydrotube. The flame intake is vertical and the fractal patterns are one-of-a-kind.

Milaana 2 by RBT – With a few little updates over the Milaana 1, and a few less updates than the Milaana 3. I’m still unsure what these differences are.

Eds TNT Woodscents Log Vape – V2 – Ed changed the shape of his WoodScents Log Vape in 2019 and he also updated the heater to a slightly more powerful heating element. The result is a fast and powerful log vape!

Epic Vapes E-nano Log Vape – The E-Nano has all the kickass luxuries of a log vape at only $189. The E-nano uses glass stems and an adjustable power dial for temp control.

Eds TNT Woodscents Burl – My first log vape! Ed sent me one of his first Woodscents Aromalogs to review because he loved what I was doing for the cannabis community. To this day it’s one of my favorite videos! (Video needs to be re-uploaded)

Sticky Brick Labs Flip Brick – The Sticky Brick vape made for a bong!

Sticky Brick Labs Flip Brick 2.0 – Sticky Brick Labs updated the Flip Brick in 2019, making it slightly larger and easier to hit. The Flip Brick is only $95.

Sticky Brick Labs Hydrobrick Max – The Hydrobrick Max is the ultimate Sticky Brick. It comes with a whip and a mouthpiece and a matching cover. It’s $199 and so awesome looking!

Hydrology9 by Cloudious – built-in bubbler/bong. What a turd. Please don’t buy this.

Boundless CFX – One of the first portable affordable dry herb vapes. Conduction vape with a bit of convection. Big bowl, great for sharing. Not so great at conserving or microdosing. $140 after code PUFFEDUP.

Boundless TERA – Full convection powerhouse. I have multiples of these and often use 2 of them on a bong at the same time. I don’t use with mouthpieces because vapor is hot. On a bong, the Boundless TERA is a BEAST. $170 after code PUFFEDUP.

Sapphire Storm – This little conduction vape is pretty slick. Originally gifted from George at Vapefiend. Now available at PotV for $79.

Ghost MV1 – F this thing. Ghost MV1 is a failure. First I hated it. Then I still hated it. Then they fixed it and it was OK for a while. But now it sucks and the company in shambles.

Healthy Rips FIERCE – The Fierce is the bigger, less capable brother to the Edge and Fury 2. It has a removable battery – but the vape is huge and the vapor is not. Buy the Edge instead.

Arizer Solo 2 – The Solo 2 is a simple conduction hybrid vape that can vaporize 10-13 bowls per charge. It has full temp control and a nice, clean-tasting vapor. It’s not a fast extracting vape though.

Boundless Tera x2 – I think there are 3 on the shelf, but technically I already listed the TERA a few spots above. I like the TERAs in tandem on a bong.

Oconnell Vape for bong – The OHBV – with native glass adapter

Arizer Air 2 – Removable 18650 make this vape a great one-and-only. The Air 2 produces the same great vapor as the Solo 2, albeit a bit hotter due to the shorter stem. The Air 2 is available at POTV.

Xvape Aria – The Aria is a really nice pure conduction vape at $79. I primarily use mine for CBD flower, but in reality, the Aria is a great alternative to the Pax vape.

Boundless CF – The CF is the little brother to the Boundless CFX. While the CFX offers full temp control, the CF has 5 preset temperatures. Same big bowl and same hybrid conduction vapor. The CF is $110.

Boundless CF Hybrid – The CF Hybrid was a 510 mod battery with a built-in herb vape from Boundless. It had a removable 18650 battery and a unique dual interface.

Flowermate V5 Nano – One of my best budget vapes, the V5 Nano has a removable battery and the mouthpiece stores in the bottom while not in use. The Flowermate V5 Nano is a conduction vape with a tiny fraction of hybrid convection.

Xvape Starry – Another one of my favorite cheap vapes. The Starry is full conduction, like the Pax and the Aria. The Starry has full temp control and a removable battery. At $89 the Starry is a SLAMMIN DEAL and it comes with a free 4-piece grinder.

Arizer GO / ArGO – This is the only Arizer vape that is actually portable! The ArGo is the size of a deck of cards and it is really nice to hold and use. The ArGo is $188 and includes a removable 18650 battery.

Xvape FOG – The FOG is Xvape’s mostly convection herb vape. I’d love to see an update to this vape. It produces really tasty convection vapor and it has a removable battery too. My only complaint is lack of full temp control. Nice vape at $129.

Dreamwood Punch – I love this little butane vape! It’s super easy to hit and it feels great in the hand! Sometimes my carb-covering-finger gets burnt by the hot vapor path, but I still reach for this vape pretty often! It doesn’t hit as hard as the Sticky Brick, but it’s easier to get a good hit for beginners. Available at Vgooiez.

Oconnell – I’ve got a few of these vapes and not much to say about them. Nothing against them at all – just a shipping issue.

RBT Milaana 1 – I really liked my Milaana! The unregulated power created a really fun to use experience. I don’t reach for the Milaanas anymore, but I still appreciate them.

Occonnell – Back Shelf, OHV

Pax 3 – This is the one that everyone loves, or everyone loves to hate. The Pax vaporizer is probably the most successful dry herb vape ever. It’s far from my favorite, but if you need a vape that fits in your butt

Occonnell – Seriously?

Vivant Ambit – The Ambit is a convection coil vape with its sights aimed at the Fury 2. The Ambit is powerful but unrefined and unwieldy. $80 at Vivant.store. Code 420vapezone may save you some money.

Goboof Alfa – The vape with the cheerio shaped oven that was a pain in the ass to clean and maintain. This vape had a couple of features worth stealing though… It had two modes where the temperature would automatically advance throughout the session – one based on time and the other based on hits! The Alfa is no longer available, I hope.

The Owl? – This little vape had a sidecar weed storage thingie that snaps on with magnets. Everything is made of plastic and the vapor tasted like plastic – but I kept it because it’s more unique than most of the Chinese shit.

7th Floor Sidekick – I liked this when it came out. Full conduction. Stir stick. Removable batteries. FAST HEATUP. Mine no longer works :(

Vivant Alternate – Another dud that I had high hopes for. I reviewed positively, but shortly after their manufacturing went to shambles and the vape, and Vivant, earned a bad reputation.

Vivant V-leaf – Much better made than the Alternate, but the interface is junk.

Focus V Aero – What a turd vape. I should throw this away, but I hold onto it to help remember all the fanbois who loved this thing until R-town shit the bed (again).

Top Bond ODIN – The Odin had a great heater, but the Chinese Reebok smell never went away.

Xvape Avant – Super small little herb vape from Xvape, but the non-isolated vapor path keeps me from using and recommending.

Gpen Elite – Everyone talks shit about this vape, except for a couple profe$$sional vape reviewers….
I went out to get one just to try for myself… WOW. It literally tastes like a tire filled with cancer is burning inside of it.

Top Bond Novae 1 and 2 – Lumping these together because it seems the only difference is the number on the front.

Doug’s Woodery Nova – A Sticky Brick Junior wannabe. The sloppy magnetic unions of this vape kinda make me feel icky.

Lynx Eden – I grabbed two of these vapes to make sure I wasn’t missing something, but apparently I’m still missing something. Nicely made, but it doesn’t function worth a shit.

MFLB Pico (not mentioned) – The Pico was a tiny MFLB like device that was designed to vaporize your weed first, before finishing it off with straight-up combustion. It was an experimental device.

Flowermate V5s – This was the first budget portable I felt comfortable enough recommending to friends I don’t want to smoke with or help repeatedly. It was the first weed vape that just worked. It’s been replaced now.

Boundless CFC – The Boundless CFC worked alright for its size, but manufacturing was plagued with cracking mouthpieces – which were fixed with the CFC 2.

Boundless CFC 2 – The CFC 2 has full temp control and a conduction oven. The vapor is OK, but the mouthpiece gets a bit hot. Overall, not a huge fan.

Boundless CFC Lite – The CFC Lite uses a 18350 to cut the size in half! The size and shape are great, but vapor taste and performance kept this vape on the shelf.

Quant Fury 2 Rebrand – Looks like granite, smells like uncured silicone. Not all of the Fury 2 rebrands are created equal, despite what the Vaporents thug squad preach.

Odin 2 – The Odin 2 fixed the plastic smell! But the Odin 2 was the first (and last, hopefully) to use a touch-screen.

Cirro – The Cirro vaped fine actually. But the mouthpiece is pretty much impossible to clean and the interface of the vape is just clunky.

VapeDynamics DUO – I honestly can’t believe I didn’t throw this away. I probably only kept it to remember the brand name, because they’re still out there making shitty products.

Flowermate SWIFT – Battery life sucked, but the SWIFT PRO put out some sweet convection vapor for 2 or 3 bowls per charge.

Boundless CFV (x3) – Same as the SWIFT PRO, but with a launch party and a finish sensitive to isopropyl alcohol.

Airvape XS – I thought this format had a lot of potential! The Airvape XS is thin and well made. The vapor was good enough for a portable, but the mouthpiece fell off CONSTANTLY.

Healthy Rips Force – Before Healthy Rips found the Fury 2, they had the Force – which is another rebrand.

Vivant RIFT (x3) – The RIFT has a unique 3-way divided bowl with ultra-fast conduction heating. The heater itself is removable and the vaporizer is both on-demand and session. While it’s still available, it’s not a vape I’d recommend.

Utillian 420 or 721 or some rebrand turd. This is from Tvape – a company that has published shitty vape reviews on artisan vapes in order to steer people towards their own shitty rebrands…

Flowermate PureHit – This one looks like it belongs to an evil dentist. It vaped dry herb and concentrates poorly and had a built-in bubbler.

Flowerpot – I loved my Flowerpot. But after I spoke honestly about it, Newvape terminated my affiliate agreement and refused to pay me the commissions owed. When called out, they lied about it and published false information on several platforms.
If you must own a flowerpot, use code STAYUP. It’s Vape Critic’s code and he will get 25% commission on that overpriced titanium.

Gpen Connect – Honestly I think this product had some great potential. The WeEdTuBeRs are loving it, but it tastes bad to me. The atomizer isn’t designed for good dabs, it’s just designed to turn oil into vapor.

510 Cartridge vapes and batteries – I’m skipping these. I don’t vape cartridges anymore and neither should you.

Dabox Pro

EZ Sai / Saionara w/battery

Boundless CF-710

Gpen Connect

Boundless Terp Pen XL

Boundless Terp Pen

Ez Sai with Poseidon Bubbler

Flowermate Wax Devices

Stache RIO v2

TVRP Wax Atomizer

Divine Tribe V4 Wax Atomizer



I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


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    how come you dont vape carts anymore?

    • Khan

      I’m gonna guess because of what happened with all the counterfeits that caused people to get sick earlier this year. I still really like my pax era. Its the perfect thing to take with you to a concert. Maybe 420VapeZone will make a video about it someday

  3. John O'Grady

    Thank you so much for this treasure of the best info out there now.
    Dark times are ahead and this will be like a lantern that guides us.

  4. Adam


    • Troy R

      DOH, yeah I have a couple Elev8rs, but I guess they weren’t visible.

  5. Clint

    Great information, since I now have a MV1 with a broken latch with no solution to a warranty repair. Really need a full convection vaporizer with great flavor. Many Many thanks.

  6. Malcolm B Rachal

    You’re the best, I have a few vapes in my arsenal,I own a Dynavap M(18-20),Davinci IQ,Mighty,Lynx Blaze and my recent purchase was a Sticky Brick’s Hydro Brick Maxx,Boundless terp pen.
    I’ve been enjoying my purchases ever since the day I received them!
    I just want to say,I appreciate your honest opinions and truth in your craft ✌

    Stay safe and wash you’re hands!!!✌


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  1. Marisa Stirpe

    ‘Life with vapes’ is a great title: am digging Troy&Jerry. You are both the scales of vape justice. As always you have the best and most genuine content.

  2. shaun

    how come you dont vape carts anymore?

    • Khan

      I’m gonna guess because of what happened with all the counterfeits that caused people to get sick earlier this year. I still really like my pax era. Its the perfect thing to take with you to a concert. Maybe 420VapeZone will make a video about it someday

  3. John O'Grady

    Thank you so much for this treasure of the best info out there now.
    Dark times are ahead and this will be like a lantern that guides us.

  4. Adam


    • Troy R

      DOH, yeah I have a couple Elev8rs, but I guess they weren’t visible.

  5. Clint

    Great information, since I now have a MV1 with a broken latch with no solution to a warranty repair. Really need a full convection vaporizer with great flavor. Many Many thanks.

  6. Malcolm B Rachal

    You’re the best, I have a few vapes in my arsenal,I own a Dynavap M(18-20),Davinci IQ,Mighty,Lynx Blaze and my recent purchase was a Sticky Brick’s Hydro Brick Maxx,Boundless terp pen.
    I’ve been enjoying my purchases ever since the day I received them!
    I just want to say,I appreciate your honest opinions and truth in your craft ✌

    Stay safe and wash you’re hands!!!✌


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