The Yocan Hive 2.0 is a tiny, TINY piece of technology. The Hive 2.0 comes with two atomizers, one for e-juice and one for wax / cannabis concentrates. The Yocan Hive will also power most prefilled 510 threaded cartomizers.

Yocan Hive 2.0 How To Use

  • 5 clicks to turn on
  • 5 clicks to turn off
  • Pull out the magnetic atomizer
  • Unscrew the bottom to reveal the coil/bowl
  • Place a dab in the bowl. Repack and reassemble everything and enjoy!

This vape is really straightforward to use. 5 clicks turn it on. The atomizer has a magnetic seal and is super easy to remove. Other vapes tend to have threaded atomizers which can get dirty and hard to remove. The atomizer on the Hive 2.0 overcomes this by having a magnetic seal. Unscrew the bowl at the bottom and pack a little dab on the coil. Re-assemble the bowl/atomizer, click 5 times to turn it on, and enjoy!

Yocan Hive 2.0 Review

Despite the coil of the Yocan Hive 2.0 being rather small, you can still load some decently sized globs in there. Just understand that it’s going to make a bit of a mess and you’ll need to angle the vape a bit to move the oil on and off of the coil

Is The Yocan Hive 2.0 Worth It?

This is a great device for first time portable dab users or high casualty use-cases. For a higher end unit consider the Puffco Proxy. Fly to vegas, dab it up all weekend, throw it away before flying back to your backward-ass illegal state. This vape will do will do the job and not set you back more than the price of a good premium joint: $20.

Alternatives to The Yocan Hive 2.0

My go-to portable concentrate devices are as follows:

1. The Pico/Sai combo is fantastic for portability. Plus its available water attachments turn the Saionara into a psuedo-dab-rig in a pinch.
2. The Vivant Dabox is even smaller. It’s easier to carry and easier to load, but there aren’t as many coil options. The available bubbler is just OK.