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Ecig vapes and 510 mods took vaping and vapes to the next level. If you already own a 510 mod battery you’re already halfway to a quality weed vape! These 510 dry herb atomizers are the best way to vape weed with your box mod. There are several products intentionally left off this list. Dry […] > Continue Reading!

Davinci MIQRO weed vape

July 16, 2018 – Davinci Vaporizers, headquartered in Las Vegas, has released a new dry herb vaporizer. Who’s the new guy? The Davinci MIQRO! The Davinci MIQRO is a truly tiny little vape. The MIQRO uses a full conduction ceramic oven similar to the Davinci IQ. The MIQRO oven is less than half the size […] > Continue Reading!

420vapezone / Davinci Collaboration

I met with the Davinci team back in February. They’re headquartered in Las Vegas and I was already in town for Champs. They have an amazing environment and I love their company culture. Davinci asked me to help them explore a variety of herbs in the Davinci IQ flavor chamber. So I hit up the […] > Continue Reading!

Champs Summer 2018 is NEXT WEEK

Which one of us is higher: George or Troy? @champstradeshows A post shared by 420 Vapezone (@420vapezone) on Feb 19, 2018 at 2:00am PST Champs is the biggest and best 420 tradeshow. The most exciting times of the year! Vape companies and other cannabis-related product makers gather in Las Vegas with cannabis influencers, head shop […] > Continue Reading!

Best On-Demand Dry Herb Vapes

What is an On-Demand Vape? An On-Demand vaporizer heats your dry-herb / cannabis from a cold start to a vaporization temperature quickly. This luxurious convenience is perfect for sneaking a toke and putting the vape away before anyone notices. On-Demand vapes use higher power to heat the weed quickly, often sacrificing total bowls per charge […] > Continue Reading!

It’s been a year since the original overhyped Ghost MV1 drama. Vape Critic hyped the MV1 for many months exclaiming it as the best vape ever, but when it finally released it was a dud. Ghost spent the next 10 months improving the vaporizer and solving most of the issues and I’m happy to offer […] > Continue Reading!

How to Turn The Pax 3 Into A Dab Rig

Mention the word weed vaporizer around the United States or Canada and people will immediately think Pax Vaporizer. In Troy’s Pax 3 review it’s not hard to see why Pax has managed to build such a massive following. At 420 Vape Zone we don’t stop using a vape once it’s been reviewed. We like to […] > Continue Reading!

Mighty Vape Review – STILL THE BEST

June 28, 2018. Hard to believe the Mighty is STILL the best weed vape on the market. There are a few vapes more powerful, and a few vapes with better vapor, and several similar vapes with a smaller carry – but the Mighty still reigns supreme as the king. (Now available for $350 with a […] > Continue Reading!

RBT Milaana Review: High Powered Convection Weed Vape

The Milaana is a wooden-bodied dry herb vaporizer powered by a removable 18650 battery and a patented convection heater. The Milaana is a cannabis vaporizer of a different breed. It’s completely unregulated and absolutely primal. You pack the bowl. You hit the button. You go for a ride! Available directly from Rasta Buddha Tao RBT […] > Continue Reading!

Vivant RIFT Preview – New Tri-Bowl vape from Vivant!

The Vivant RIFT is a portable dry herb cannabis and concentrates vaporizer. The RIFT features a tri-bowl design with a hybrid conduction/convection heating. The triple bowl shape is certainly unique. All three of the bowls heat at the same time. Dry herb is ground and vaped directly in the bowl. Wax, shatter, and oils are […] > Continue Reading!