Community Member of the Month

The 420 vape community is a special group and it wouldn’t be what it is today without a history of remarkable contributions from others. Starting now, Feb 2022 – We’ll be celebrating the contributions and commitments of our most outstanding members. Our first Member of the Month is Secreagent. She contributed an open-source ball-vape design … Read more

THE PINKY Official Release and Build Guide!!!

** This is a contribution by Secreagent, both the vape invention and the DIY write-up** Introducing The Pinky: an open-source DIY injector style thermal extraction device. The Pinky features PID Temperature control, a color-changing heater that indicates when it is hot, and a highly adaptable injector interface for all your extraction needs. The core of … Read more

Rositek 4-ton Rosin Press Review

The Rositek rosin press is a compact and portable rosin press that’s small enough to carry one-handed and powerful enough to squish up to a half-ounce at a time. The 4-ton version is $399 directly from Rositek, code 420RT5 will save you 5%. I picked mine up directly from Amazon. Despite being significantly weaker than … Read more

Magic Butter Machine 2022: CannaButter Made Easy (With Magical DecarBOX)

Magical Butter Logo

What is CannaButter? Cannabutter is butter that has been infused with cannabis. Eating or cooking with cannabutter is a very popular way of making marijuana edibles. The Magic Butter Machine has been synonymous with THC “CannaButter” for years. Cannabis users who prefer to avoid smoking often turn to THC edibles and devices like the Magic … Read more

Dynavap Induction Heaters

This article is a community contribution from ChillMike – if you’re interested in contributing to 420vapezone, please contact me in the Discord. Here’s Mike’s list of the best performing Induction Heaters on the market. I will star the best rated & most recommended/suggested companies (* * * = top recommended, * * = top-recommended but … Read more

Can you vape Delta-8 THC?

Marijuana-derived vaping products have been flying off the shelves in recent months. Why? Being stuck indoors with nothing to do may have something to do with it. But many people also see vaping as a great way to consume marijuana without all the coughing, ash, smell, and other negatives associated with smoking. In addition, for … Read more

Dynavap Custom Stems // Full List of Dynavap Artisans & Accessory Makers

KG Woodcraft Dynavap Stems

The Dynavap Vapcap is one of the most agile and customizable thermal extraction devices available. George, the company’s founder, believes in enabling and empowering the community and even sells 3rd party Dynavap accessories on their website. There are a lot of custom Dynavap stem makers out there and new ones are popping up every few … Read more