Boundless Livestream 12/5/16

bndls-12-5Watch this week’s livestream here:

Or skip the shenanigans and just read the bullet points.

New set this week! Plus ugly sweaters.
Boundless Vapes is now “Bndls Technology”
15 patents under the name, or something like that. I’m not able to find any using google’s patent search.
Boundless Technology is acquiring a few smaller brands and their technology.
Boundless will be handling all flowermate USA online sales and marketing, new mother company SMI will house Flowermate
New recreational brand in Oregon. Pura Farms. Plan is to expand into Cali and Colo.
All Boundless products moving to full convection. Lamesauce. 🙁

Favorite Munchies?
Eric: flaming hot munchies, watermelon candy
Aaron: Pringles, mexican candy, slim jim
Damien: Reeces, baby ruth
Bree: … something vegan. leaves and bark?
Randall: Pepperjack Cheez Its

CFC Updates:
– lots of CFC pre-orders
– time is running out on pre-order discount
– if you want a CFC this year, you need to pre-order. Otherwise you’ll be waiting until March

CF 710 Updates:
– exclusive pre-order will be available on puffitup, no ETA

CFV Updates:
Vapornation is having a CFV giveaway
see my CFV Review?

– big glass bubbler that sits on top of CFX, CF, CFV – manufacturer (Dank Gal) has gone silent apparently

– desktop and stuff news coming in January