boundless tera mouthpiece mods
Boundless TERA mouthpiece mods:
– Black Glass Solo Stem
– Curved Glass Solo Stem
Eds TNT Wooden WPA/Stem

The Boundless TERA is an extremely powerful dry herb vaporizer. It’s a convection powered vape capable of massive vapor clouds and lung-busting bong rips.

Some prefer to eliminate the plastic mouthpiece from the Tera and improve the vapor path.

There are two easy options for this. The first uses a type of glass stem from the Arizer portables. There are a few varieties, including bubblers. The 2nd option is a wooden WPA that functions as a mouthpiece as well.

Boundless TERA Solo Stem Mod

This mod upgrades your TERA to a mostly all-glass vapor path which cools the vapor and looks totally bad-ass.

This Boundless TERA stem-mod will increase the length of the vapor path and eliminate the plastic mouthpiece all-together. The glass stem from the Arizer Solo vaporizer makes a perfect fit and actually cools the vapor significantly.

The Arizer Solo stems are available in several options. The bent stem has the most cooling effect while the black one looks the sleekest.

How to modify the TERA

boundless tera mods
Start with either the glass mouthpiece or the plastic mouthpiece – whichever you don’t want to use anymore. I’m not a fan of the glass mouthpiece anyway.

Step 1 – Remove the silicone screen housing from the underside of your sacrificial mouthpiece

Boundless Tera mod step 1
Remove the silicone piece that holds the screen. You may need to pinch it or pry it off, but it will come off. Re-insert the screen if it falls out.

Step 2 – Insert bowl end of your Solo stem into the bell-shaped portion of the silicone

Boundless Tera mod step 3
With the silicone added to the Solo stem it will fit securely into the Tera chamber. Fill your Tera bowl with weed as normal and enjoy cooler, purer vapor.

Credit to PaperClouds over on the FC forums for creating this mod!

Hand-turned Wooden Bong Adapter

Eds TNT has created a few exotic handcrafted water pipe adapters for the Boundless TERA. These blackwood beauties have a deep lustrous grain that goes perfectly with the satin finish of the Boundless TERA.

The wooden water pipe adapter doubles as a cooling mouthpiece. It doesn’t cool quite as much as the glass, but it looks badass and it fits 14mm female bongs perfectly.

My WPA from Eds TNT also makes a good seal on my 18mm female pieces as well, but it doesn’t fit securely enough to sit by itself.