Davinci Vaporizers

Davinci makes reliable portable dry herb vapes that feature a removable battery, and ceramic zirconia vapor cooling.

Davinci Vaporizers are palm-sized and extremely portable, the Miqro is even smaller than the already small IQ and IQ-C/2.

All three of Davinci’s portable vaporizers use a ceramic herb chamber for a full-conduction extraction and thick robust vapor.

Davinci IQ-C

Davinci IQ-C


Silicon Mouthpieces

Cheaper version of IQ2

.3g - .5g Dry Herb Cabacity

Silicone/Zirconia Flavor Chamber

Cermic Herb Chamber

4-5 bowls per charge

Matte Metal Finish

Removable 18650 Battery

Davinci IQ 2 in 4 colors

Davinci IQ-2


Ceramic Zirconia Mouthpieces

Dosage Tracking Software

Full Zirconia Flavor Chamber

Dosing capsules + concentrate pad

Ceramic lined chamber

Brushed Metal Finish

On body temp control

Adjustable Airflow

Bluetooth app enabled

Removable 18650 Battery

Davinci MiQro

Davinci MiQro


half sized, half power

Thumb-sized Vape

zirconia vapor path

Ceramic lined herb chamber

Cheaper version of IQ2

released 2018

Troy’s Call: Best Davinci Vape? IQ-C vs IQ-2 vs Miqro

I like the IQ-2 and the IQ-C a lot more than the Miqro. The Miqro delivers great vapor but falls short on back-to-back hits and underpowered batteries. The size and price upgrade to the IQ-C is well worth the price.

The IQ-C and IQ-2 produce the same vapor, but the IQ-C has fewer features and its non-zirconia mouthpiece and flavor-chamber-lid mute the vapor and aren’t as tasty as the more expensive IQ-2.

An IQ-C with an upgraded zirconia mouthpiece and lid is still cheaper than the Davinci IQ-2.

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