Have you ever came up with a brilliant idea that would greatly improve your vaping experience? Delta 3D Studios does exactly this by taking good ideas and bringing them to reality using 3D printers.

Although the ELB buckets were originally designed for the Cloud EVO desktop vape. If you’ve read our guide for how to modify your Boundless CF / CFX then you’re familiar with how versatile and useful these buckets can be. Unfortunately loading these buckets can be sort of a hassle. I’ve ruined a handful of them by squeezing the buckets too hard while trying to load them.

Luckily Delta 3D Studios has experienced the same frustration while trying to load these screens and came up with the ELB Loading Tool. The ELB is a funnel specifically designed for loading the ELB buckets. It’s a two part design that screws apart, allowing users to drop an ELB bucket inside, then screw the top piece of the funnel securely in place.

ELB Loading Tools FAQ

How Much Does It Cost?

The ELB Loading Tool retails for $15

Can I Choose The Color or Are They Only Available In One Color?

As of April 3, 2018, Delta 3D Studies offers them in the following colors: Black, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, and Neon Green

How Much Does The ELB Loading Tool Weigh?

The ELB Loading Tool only weighs 4 ounces

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