What are Quartz Inserts?
Quartz inserts are small bucket shaped dishes. They’re used to keep your quartz banger clean and shiny. Dabs are loaded into the quartz insert while everything is room temperature. The quartz banger is heated with a torch as usual. The insert with the dab already loaded is then dropped into the hot banger.

Dabbing with quartz inserts is a relatively new thing. In this video and article, I will show you how to dab with a quartz insert and explain the pros and cons.

I use this banger. It’s $13 and it comes with a bubble cap and a quartz insert. GREAT value, Chinese quartz.

Here’s how to dab with a quartz insert
1. load your dab into the quartz insert
2. heat your banger as normal (to white hot)
3. wait 30 seconds
4. drop insert into hot banger (open end up)
5. close banger with bubble cap
6. start your draw when your oil begins to boil off and vaporize

Benefits of Dabbing with Quartz Inserts

  • easier to time the dab temperature
  • more forgiving if too hot
  • easier to salvage oil if not hot enough
  • full spectrum of temp / taste / effects
  • banger remains clean
  • can have multiple inserts for marathon dab sessions