Dabbing has come a long way. The red hot titanium is a thing of the past. In this video I compare 3 very popular dabbing methods.

6mm Thick Quartz Banger

I use a 6mm thick quartz banger, which is honestly too fucking thick. Stick with a 4mm if you’re looking for a traditional banger.

Enail – Flowerpot

For the enail I used one of the best e-nails available – the Flowerpot, by NewVape. This enail is also a dry herb vaporizer. It can vape weed quickly or slowly, depending on your coil temp. This product can give you a dab-like experience with flower, while also dabbing – giving you double up-fuckery. You can use coupon code 420vapezone to save 10% at newvape.

7th Floor Elev8r

The 3rd dabbing method is the 7th Floor Elev8r. The Elev8r is a convection dab. Very unique, very flavorful. It’s an all-glass heater and an all-glass vapor path.

After this video came out I started cold dabbing, or dabbing with quartz inserts. I should make another video comparing all of the different dabbing methods.

There are also a few e-rig / electronic dabrigs worth comparing now as well. The Puffco Peak and the Dr Dabber Switch are my two favorite portable electronic dab rig.