The Davinci IQ has a hefty sized bowl capable of consuming 0.3-0.5g of dry herb. The large bowl comes in handy when I’m on the go and packing frequent bowls would be inconvenient. However, not every situation requires half a gram of weed. Davinci thought of this and created the Glass Spacers.

What is the Davinci IQ Glass Spacer?

These glass spacers were specifically designed to reduce the size of the Davinci IQ by 50% and 75%, without sacrificing performance or taste. The spacers are sold as a set of 2, one 6mm spacer and one 10mm spacer. I purchased my spacers directly through Davinci for $10.99.

How Much Weed Do Glass Spacers Save?

Although the IQ can hold up to half a gram of weed in a single bowl, I prefer packing my weed less tight for maximum airflow and flavor. Here’s a breakdown of how much weed I normally pack in my IQ vs how much I packed using the spacers:

Spacer Used Bowl Size Draw Resistance
No Spacer 0.34g None
Pearl 0.2g Heavy
10mm Spacer 0.15g Slight
6mm Spacer 0.21-0.25g Slight

How Do The Glass Spacers Work?

The glass spacers are cylindrical pieces of glass that fit perfectly into the bowl of the IQ. The spacers from Davinci are ported in order to have a minimal impact on airflow resistance. The pearl spacer isn’t ported, resulting in increased draw resistance.

Which Should You Load First: Weed or Spacer?

According to the tutorial on Davinci’s website the spacers could be loaded two ways: weed first then the spacers, or spacers first then the weed. I tried both methods and here was my experience:

Loading The Glass Spacer First – Loading the glass spacers into the bowl first and the weed on top of the spacer adds an extra layer of protection. This buffer helps prevent fine cannabis particulates from getting sucked into the vapor path.

This method seems to take a little while longer for the weed to heat up compared to loading the weed first. Considering the IQ is a conduction vaporizer and the weed would have less surface area with the oven, this would be expected. Once the spacer gets hot enough the vapor production we’re used to seeing with the IQ gets going.

Loading The Weed First – When packing the weed first and glass spacers second, stirring the bowl turns into a mission. You have to unpack the HOT spacer then hot-potato it back into the bowl.

Loading the IQ in this sequence felt like loading milk into a bowl first, THEN adding the cereal on top. Loading too much weed and the spacer packs everything in too tight, too little weed and the bowl doesn’t quite hit right.

Glass Spacers vs Zirconia Pearl

Puffitup sells a zirconia pearl spacer that fits into the IQ. The pearl is a lot like the black pearl at the bottom of the oven lid. The Zirconia pearl spacer is half the price of the glass spacers, so if you’re already ordering a WPA or another Davinci accessories it’s a good accessories to add to your cart.

My only complaint about the Zirconia Pearl was the draw resistance. The glass spacers have holes pocked through them to not impede with airflow. The Zirconia Pearl doesn’t have these holes.

Where Do You Store Your Spacers?

I used to store them in a small ziplock baggie, and I would keep that in whichever case I was using at the time to carry the IQ. I wrote this vape case guide a while back for helping choose a weed vape case. Although for the IQ, I’m really digging this soft case from Davinci best.

Are The Glass Spacers For The IQ Worth Buying?

Yes! It’s not very often that I come across an accessories that drastically changes up the function of a vape. I’m able to get the same vapor quality / experience I get when packing a half gram bowl, for a fraction of the cannabis. I found myself reaching for the IQ a lot more often after buying these Davinci spacers.