TWO new products from Dynavap!?!?

In tonight’s epic episode of the Modern Cannabists podcast, we unboxed a mystery package from Dynavap and unveiled TWO never-before-seen products.

The stream turned into an epic 4 hour session with George, the brilliant mind behind the Dynavap vaporizer. We talked about the new products, life philosophies, and so much more.

Dynavap Builder Kit

The DIY Dynvap Kit

The Dynavap Builder Kit is a blank canvas ready for you to file and sand into a masterpiece! Files and sandpaper block included!

The blank wooden Dynavap stem comes fitted with a Ti tip, cap, condenser, and o-rings.

Dynavap has been an open vape platform that supports artisans and creators, and the Dynavap Builder Kit is an easy way to explore some woodworking and have a creative outlet – all while customizing your very own one-of-a-kind Dynavap stem!

Who knows, maybe you’re the next Eds TNT, Phat Piggie, Khelekgirl, or Austyn Simrell!

BB9 Glass Nipple Bead Stems

The BB9 Stem from Dynavap – Glass Nipples + Cooling Beads

The NEW BB9 combination stem and water pipe adapter comes equipped with glass cooling nipples AND glass cooling beads for the ULTIMATE vapor cooling experience.

With two color options, Pink with blue balls, and gray with blue balls, the BB9 has an airport/carb and a 10/14mm male mouthpiece.

Both the Builder Kits and the BB9 Stems will be available in the Dynavap Black Friday Sale early next week.

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  1. Can the BB9 be used on a 10MM female water pipe? I just called their customer service and the guy said it’s only 14MM ‍♂️ Thanks Troy


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