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Weed Vape Deals

last updated: Oct 09, 2017

Vapolution ASAP Rocky Vaporizer Giveaway

Vapolution is giving away a limited edition A$AP Rocky Vaporizer.

30% off Vapolution

Vapornation is offering 30% off the Vapolution vaporizer.

The vapolution vaporizer is made in the USA, and is the only desktop vaporizer that offers a glass vapor path with digital controls.

7th Floor Sidekick | $77 off 

7th Floor Vapes is taking $77 off their sidekick using coupon code: SIDEKICK

The sidekick typically goes for $299 on Puffitup

last updated: Sept 11, 2017

Super Weapon l 50% off


The Super Weapon l appears to be on its way out. Both the 2.5″ and 2″ were marked 50% off. The 2.5 inch Super Weapon l sold out pretty fast! I personally bought one of these for a friend. A deal like that is too good to pass up! Lucky for you the 2 inch Super Weapon l is still in stock!

last updated: Sept 6, 2017

Mighty & Crafty on Sale! 

Storz & Bickel reduced the price of the Mighty to $349 and the Crafty to $279.
Use coupon PUFFEDUP to reduce the price even further ($296 for the Mighty and $247 for the Crafty!)

Every Mighty or Crafty order also includes a FREE aluminum grinder ($18.99 value!) FREE Mighty stand ($14.99 value!) and either a FREE glass adapter or mouthpiece!

It’s 4/20! That means it’s time for vape sales! If you’re looking for your first vape, or to add another to your collection – now is a great time because the sales are good!

The Best 4/20 Vape Deals:


Puffitup has is hotboxing us all this year with great discounts, combo deals, and freebies!
– Boundless CFX 20% off ($135 after code BND20)
– Boundless CF 20% off ($103.20 with code BND20)– Or you can get either the CFX or CF for 15% and a FREE Water Pipe Adapter (fits 14/18mm male and female)

— Or you can get either the CFX or CF for 15% and a FREE Water Pipe Adapter (fits 14/18mm male and female)
– Vivant Alternate 20% ($103.90 after code VIV)
– Flowermate Swift Pro 35% ($143 after code SWIFT)
– Arizer Air with a GonG for $169 with code AAGG
– CFC 20% off ($72 with code CFC)
– Sticky Bricks are all 20% off with coupon code SBL
– X-Max V2 Pro $59 with a free WPA OR Glass Mouthpiece OR Micro Bubbler with codes XWPA, XG, XB

Vape Deal Archive:

Black Friday 2016 / Cyber Monday vape deal time!!!!
All of our favorite vape sellers are having some fantastic discounts and deals on cannabis vaporizers. Local dispensaries are stocking up and slashing prices as well.
We’ve gathered the best deals on vaporizers and vape accessories for you.

Mighty & Crafty Black Friday Deals
These are the two heaviest hitting portables out there, also some of the most expensive. Discounts on these beasts are rare.
Puffitup has them both at 20% off using code GF7. That will get you a Mighty for $319 (normally $400) or a Crafty for $271 (normally $339).

Boundless CF, CFX, and CFV Deals
– PlanetOfVapes has them all at 20%, which is a hell of a good deal. (CFV for $175, CFX for $135, CF for $103)
– Puffitup has the CF for $109.65 and CFX for $152 and a free hardcase. 15% with a free hard case ($45 value) Seems like the better deal, unless you don’t give a shit about the case. Use code BNDC for the free hard case Or if you prefer, code BNDWPA for a free WPA ($15 value).
– Puffitup also has the CFV at $164. That’s $11 cheaper than planet of the vapes. 25% off with code CFV25. This is going to sell out fast, so get in while you can.
These vapes provides excellent performance at budget prices. Read the vape reviews if you desire: CF Review, CFX Review, CFV Review.

Arizer Air Deals:
– Puffitup has the Arizer Air for $155 and a free glass-on-glass water pipe adapter. Use code AAGF for discount. That’s a screaming hot deal. This vape is GREAT for taste-chasers.
– Planet of the vapes has it for $159

StickyBrick Vape Deals
– Puffitup has all StickyBricks at 20% off with code SSB
– Stickybrick Labs, the manufacturer is having 20% Off Site Wide

– Stickybrick Labs is also including an extra flame intake and mouthpiece on all Original Bricks

– Puffitup will have 100% convection SWIFT Pro for $142 with code SW35. This vape is normally $220, the coupon knocks off 35%!!
– Puffitup will also have the 5.0s for $69 with code FM69. That’s $50 off!

Haze 3 Deals
– Haze has some killer deals this year. 30% Sitewide with coupon code GOBBLE, valid now through 11/30.
– Also from the Haze store, 50% off Haze 3 bundles with coupon BUNDLES50. That’s a SLAMMING hot deal. Pick up a bundle for $145 – Black Friday through Cyber Monday only.

– Pick up a Milaana for $207 after 10% savings using code


Black Friday Vape Deals by Store

LIVE NOW!!: Puffitup Black Friday Deals (Green Friday Sale):

  • CF and CFX at 15% with a free hard case (use code BNDC) or with free WPA (use code BNDWPA) or
  • Boundless CFV at 25% 25% off with code: (CFV25) while supplies last. This will sell out fast
  • Odin at 25% off with code (Odin)
  • Arizer Air for $155 ($100 off!) and a FREE water pipe adapter (code: AAGF), sweet deal on a tasty vape!
  • Flowermate SWIFT Pro for $142 (35% off using code SW35), that’s $77 off a $220 vape. Cheapest pure convection you’ll find.
  • The classic Flowermate 5.0s for $69 using code FM69 – great stocking stuffers!
  • X-Max V2 Pro for $59 with a FREE water pipe adapter Code: XMWPA. Decent little vape with replaceable battery.
  • All StickyBricks are 20% off with code SSB. These things are awesome. The hydro maxx in walnut is on my christmas list. *HINT HINT*
  • Mighty and Crafty at 20% off with code GF7, that’s a big discount on the best portable vape available.
  • Focus Adventurer is $127 (normally $169) That's 25% off with code FCA. This unique vape has a bubbler integrated into the mouthpiece.
  • MFLB Combo #5 for $99 (Save $20 with code MF99) Or pay full price and use code FG to get a free finishing grinder ($40 value).
  • Get a free Firefly 2 case with purchase of a Firefly 2. Use code FFC
  • First 100 orders will receive a free Dragon Chewer Shredtainer. These are gone already.
  • Use code PUFFEDUP to get 15% off most other things on puffitup.com.

Planet of the Vapes Black Friday Deals (Nov 25th – 28th)

  • Boundless CFC PREORDER!!! Available for pre-order now!
  • Boundless CFV for $175 Code BFB20 saves 20% at Checkout
  • Boundless CFX for $135 Code BFB20 saves 20%
  • Boundless CF for $103 with code BFB20. 20% Off At Checkout
  • Arizer Air: 159.95 Use code BFA10 to knock $10 off.
  • Arizer Extreme Q – 149.95 with code BFA10
  • Arizer Solo – 139.95 Use code BFA10
  • 7th Floor LSV Life Saber – 133.00 Use BF730. 30% Savings is a pretty good deal here.
  • 7th Floor SSV Silver Surfer – 189.00 Use BF730 At Checkout
  • Goboof Alfa Vaporizer – 139.30 – BFAV30 [I would avoid this vape. It’s outdated and the companies future is currently uncertain]
  • X Max V2 Pro 20% Off – 63.96 with coupon BFX20
  • Magic Flight Launch Box 20% Off – Now 95.20 with coupon BFMF20
  • DaVinci Ascent – 139.30 with coupon BFD20
  • Vapir Rise – Now 199.20 coupon code: BFVR20
  • G Pen Elite – 135.20 Code: BFG20

7th Floor Vaporizers (Friday only?)


Delta 3d Studios (Now – Nov 30th)

  • Mike is traveling for holidays. Orders placed now won’t ship until next monday
  • USA Customers get free shipping on orders over $10 use coupon ICanWAIT10
  • International customers save $9 off shipping on orders over $25 using couponcode ICanWAIT9

VapeXhale Vaporizers (Now through Nov 28, 2016)

  • Coupon Code: CYBRSPRKT – save $179.99 off a fully loaded super kit. Normally $679, now $500.
  • Coupon Code: CYBRKT – save 20% off any starter kit. Cheapest glassless kit is $295 after savings. Cheapest kit with hydrotube is $360 after savings.
  • Cyber Deals Accessory Bundle: 2 VapeXNail Packs, 2 Herb Basket Packs, Dab Tool and Cleaning Kit 50% Off With Code CYBRBNDL

EpicVape | E-Nano (Nov 18th – ?)

  • 20% Off Site Wide Use Code “Blackfriday16” At Checkout
  • Daily Specials

The VapeLife Store (Nov ? – ?)

420 EDC (Nov 28th – Dec 4th)

  • 10% Site Wide
  • RBT Milaana 24/7 Bundle $40 Off $287.00 Now $247.00 (Live Now)


Vapor Town USA(Nov 24th- 28th)

Vape Mood

Vape Society

W9 Up Tech

420 Science (Sale live NOW)

Vapir(Nov 25th – Nov 28th)

Vape World

To The Cloud Vapor Store (Nov 24th – Nov 29th)

herbalAire (11/24-11/28)

VapoShop [Europe, vapes, accessories]

PlanetVape.ca (Now – ?) [Canada, vapes and stuff]]

  • Arizer Air for $179 and free volcano grinder with code AIR179
  • Omicron v2.5 Kit $39.95
  • Omicron Ti Titanium Kit $49.95

The Herb Cafe (? – ?) [Canada, vapes, some accessories]

AquaLab Technologies (Now – Nov 28th) [Bongs, glass, torches, dab rigs, accessories]

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