These are the Best Dry Herb Vapes for your BONG

Dry herb vaporizers are changing the way the world consumes cannabis, but that doesn’t mean we need to leave behind the traditional bongs and bubblers!

These are the best weed vapes to use on your bong. While many vapes include a water pipe adapter, these vapes are the most powerful and most ideal for hitting through water.

End Game Vape, The Flowerpot – Enail & Herb Vape

The Flowerpot is often considered to be the Final Vape. The VAS Killer. It’s a pricey device because it’s USA-made medical-grade titanium and because it does things that no other vape can do.

The Flowerpot Baller head is crowned with a SIC or Sapphire dab dish to serve up ultra-tasty terpene dabs WHILE ALSO vaporizing its bowl of dry herb.

The experience and effect from Flowerpot’s Double Decker take cannabis to a new level.

Troy on another level

The Flowerpot can dab and vape dry-flower at the same time or independantly. It’s e-nail powered and will work on any 14mm or 18mm female joint bong.

The Flowerpot essentials kit will set you back $495 and will likely be the last vape you ever need. Use code TroyTime to save 5%. I recommend the baller head. It’s possible to build it cheaper if you don’t need the stand, controller, and handle.

Most Powerful Desktop Vape for Bong Users – SSV43

Sadly the SSV43 requires a little bit of fidgetry. You’ll need a Silver Surfer vaporizer, about 190 borosilicate glass balls (3mm), and a couple screens to hold the balls in. See my SSV43 mod video here.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO

The Cloud Evo is a desktop vape with a powerful convection heater. This vape puts out some of the most powerful and most pure tasting vapor on the list.

The Evo is best used with an 18mm glass bubbler mouthpiece, or hydrotube. It can also be inverted to attach natively to an 18mm female bong or used with a whip.

The Cloud EVO starts at $320 and goes up with glass options.

#1 Portable Vape for the BONG – Boundless TERA

The Boundless TERA is a full convection portable dry herb vape with TWO removable 18650 batteries. This vape can blast through a bowl of .2g in about four great hits.

For $199 the TERA includes two different mouthpieces, two batteries, and a 14/18mm water pipe adapter!

The TERA has the dominate vape on my favorite bong since it’s release back in April, 2018.

Boundless Technology has been making respectable vapes for several years now.

Mighty Vaporizer – $349

The Mighty produces some of the best vapor available. It’s the most highly recommended dry herb vape because it’s easy to use, powerful, and it’s GREAT on a water bong!

The deal for $296 at PoTV (use code S&B15) even includes a free grinder and a TightVac container!

The Mighty is my personal favorite vape, but the TERA has replaced it when I am craving tasty bong-rips.

Boundless CF / CFX

These two weed vapes have been my favorite budget vapes since their launch three years ago. The Boundless CF has served up hundreds of vapor-bonging sessions over the years and it’s still a champion.

The LARGE bowl of the CF and CFX make these vapes great for groups and the powerful hybrid heater will really milk up your bong rips.

The Boundless CF is $110 and the water pipe adapter is an extra $15

Healhy Rips Fury 2

Fury 2 ultra portable cannabis vaporizer in hand

The Fury 2 is a $106 portable that packs a great punch. The Fury 2 uses a small bowl and only vapes .08-.13g of dry herb while using the Water Pipe Adapter.

It’s perfect for solo use and microdosing. The WPA has replaced the standard mouthpiece for me – I love the low maintenance.

WPA is $15 extra

Sticky Brick Flip Brick

Sticky Brick Flip on bong

The Flip Brick is a torch powered vape designed specifically to fit on a 14mm bong. The Flip Brick comes from the line of Sticky Brick Vaporizers, which produce some of the fastest extraction and heaviest hits of any other vape.

The Flip Brick is less than $100 and it includes a free torch. It’s the hardest hitting vape on this list, but it requires a bit of practice to get it right.

Dynavap NonaVong

The Nonavong is the wooden variety of Dynavap Vapcaps that also</em fit a 14mm bong without any adapter. Vapcaps are torch powered vapes with a unique “clicks when ready” indicator.

Just heat it up until it clicks and it’s ready to go!

The Vapcap has developed a loyal following because they’re US-made, affordable, and they produce fantastic vapor! The Nonavong starts at $85 but my favorite is the XLS for $20 more. It’s a bit longer and adds a spinning mouthpiece.

Other Vapes: Honorable Mention

There are some other vapes that work VERY WELL with a bong, but I did not include them in the video for various preferential reasons.

Stempod – This is a 510 dry herb vape for your box mod and works very well through a glass bubbler. You just need to get the appropriate glass adapter, which is probably an 18mm male to male adapter. Stempod is $130

Tubo EVICThe Tubo is a handmade artisan creation that also utilizes the 18mm male glass adapter for bong hits. The Tubo EVIC can be used as an on-demand vape or a session vape and it works VERY WELL on a bong. I think the vape even feels better in the hand while holding it upside down.

RBT Splinter / Splinter ZThe Splinter is another 510 dry herb tank that uses the 18mm glass stem. The Splinter Z is my favorite of this lineup. The challenge with this vape is finding a suitable 18mm male to male WPA.