If you’ve read my review of the Pax 3 or the Pax 3 Temperature Guide then you know how much I love testing my Pax 3! In the video below I vape 3 bowls in order to find out which grind was best for the Pax 3.

Pax 3 Best Grinder

In order to quantify something that is super subjective, I decided to time each session. I also assigned a score of 1-10 to each hit. After taking 10 hits I would calculate an average score of each hit to determine an overall score for each session.

Pax 3 Coarse Grind

Phoenician and NewVape Grinder (Coarse Grind) – For this session I used both grinders and chose the chunkiest of nugs to load. Mediocre is the term that best sums up the results of the coarse grind for the Pax 3. The average bowl rating was 3.9 out of 10.

Looks like it had some life left to it. Not very well extracted, definitely the worst performing grind from the three. It was flavorful at first, but that declined quickly after the first few rips.

Pax 3 Medium Grind

Santa Cruz Shredder (Medium Grind) – This is my all time favorite grinder! It provides a grind that’s not too fine, not too coarse, it provides a nice fluffy grind that performs well with most vapes I use. After testing the bowl packed with the medium grind, it performed significantly better than the coarse grind. Although there was some reduced airflow, the flavor of each rip was definitely more robust!

The medium grind had almost as good vapor flavor as the fine grind, however it was much easier to extract rips from the Pax 3. For this reason I had a general better experience using the Pax 3 with a medium grind when compared to the fine grinder. This was the clear winner for me.

Pax 3 Fine Grind

New Vape (Fine Grind) – Rather than use up a new nug, I opted to recycle the unused weed from the coarse grind test. Looks just like the medium, little darker, nicely toasted. The fine grind performed best as far as vapor flavor goes, but added air resistance as a result of the fine grind made me appreciate the medium grind better.