These 3 weed vapes are very popular at the 120-160 pricepoint. They each have their own pros and cons.

Here’s what I think, in order of price.

Xvape Starry

The Starry, for 119 shipped with a nice grinder is the lowest priced vape in this comparison. The Starry is the only conduction vape on this list, but the Starry is also the fullest featured. If that’s a word. The Starry is a metal body with full temp control and a nice, functional digital display. It has a removable 18650 battery, ceramic oven and ceramic zirconia mouthpiece. The vapor is surprisingly good and the device is very small. This vape has the biggest bowl and is great for sharing, but if sharing is your priority there are better vapes for that.
This is the best value, as long as you don’t mind the conduction vapor.

Healthy Rips Fury 2

The Fury 2 for $149 with a free water pipe adapter is a great option for someone that plans to carry, vaporbong, and microdose. The Fury 2 is a powerful little piece. It’s easy to use, quick to heat up, and it produces the best vapor of the vapes on this list. The mouthpiece is plastic and it doesn’t have a removable battery, but this vape puts out great vapor and it’s a great first vape.

Xvape Fog

The Fog, for $159 with a free grinder puts out similar vapor to the Fury 2 – but requires a bit of timing/technique to get the most out of it. The vape itself is metal and sized/shaped similar to a Davinci IQ. It even has a metal hinged mouthpiece and a metal battery latch to reveal the removable 18650 battery. It’s a sleek unit and it carries very well. The vapor is potentially more potent than the Fury, but not quite as fluffy. This device has 5 temp settings instead of full temp control.

I’ve been using the Fury 2 more than the others – admittedly around the house with the glass WPA as the mouthpiece.
And I find myself carrying the Starry more often than the Fog.

There’s a full review and demo of these vapes in this video.