Think about how often you use a grinder. I use my grinder every time I have a session! One of the biggest improvements I’ve made to my vape sessions was purchasing a good quality grinder. I know what you’re probably thinking. Aren’t all grinders all just the same thing? I used to think the same thing, until the first time I tried Troy’s Santa Cruz Shredder! That grinder completely changed everything for me.

Santa Cruz Shredder

Price: $64 (20% OFF coupon code 420GRIND)
Type of Grind: medium
Number of Pieces: 4-piece

If you reach out to Troy and ask him for a grinder recommendation, he will without a doubt recommend the Santa Cruz Shredder. I’ve seen him use his Shredder everyday for well over a year now. If you’re looking for a single grinder that you can use the rest of your life, the Shredder will not disappoint.


Interplanetary Development Super Weapon II

Price: $50 ($28 with coupon code 42018)
Type of Grind: medium-coarse
Number of Pieces: 4 piece

The Super Weapon II is a FANTASTIC value. It’s the second iteration of my personal favorite grinder: Super Weapon I! The SWII has some new innovative features but still maintained my favorite feature the removable screen.

Space Case Medium Grinder

Price: $59 (20% OFF coupon code 420GRIND)
Type of Grind: medium
Number of Pieces: 4 piece

The space case is smooooth! It’s a very slick, nicely built grinder. It feels smoother than the Santa Cruz Shredder, but doesn’t grind quite as well.

Mendo Mulcher 2″ (4-piece)

Price: 4-piece for $40 (20% OFF coupon code 420GRIND) Type of Grind: medium
Number of Pieces: 4-piece

The Mendo Mulcher is a very well made grinder. Theknuckled edges really grip well. We prefer the 2″ 4 piece combination, but with 12 different sizes to choose from, you can get the exact grinder your heart desires.

More Grinder Deals

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