In last night’s live stream I vaped a couple bowls in both the Dreamwood Punch and the Dreamwood Glow. Dreamwood vapes are artisan made in Germany!

The Punch is a butane powered convection vape similar to the Sticky Brick vapes. The Glow is a badass little 510 powered herb atomizer with a convection heater and wooden surround/stem.

I’ll be reviewing both Dreamwood vapes in the upcoming months.

2:00 My guitar
3:15 Dreamwood Punch
4:00 Brilliant Cut
11:15 dry herb vape misconceptions
14:40 The Ember
25:45 The Glow
31:00 upcoming videos
32:26 The Ember (Speech)
35:00 CBD flower talk
36:00 Boundless TERA
39:20 how I pack the TERA
40:00 bong rips on TERA