The Lift grinder uses a rotating stainless steel blade and matching stainless steel cutting deck to grind your nugs. The Lift grinder is easy to use and provides a smooth experience.

While the Lift Innovations grinder is not my favorite, it’s still a good grinder with a few unique characteristics.

The Lift is currently unavailable at Vgoodiez as well as direct.

Lift Grinder: Cutting vs Grinding

Lift’s big marketing ploy is that it “Cuts instead of grinds!”

LIFT Grinder
The Lift grinder is made in Canada!

While the blades and plates system is certainly different than the traditional herb grinder teeth, the cutting action is no different. In my weed grinder comparison video, I even used a microscope to compare the grind consistency. BUSTED – This grinder functions in the same manner and there are no discernible differences in the grind.

What I Like About the Lift Grinder

The loading area of the Lift is different than a traditional herb grinder. Rather than jamming your nugs down into a set of sharp teeth, you simply drop your small-chunks of nug into the 3 open sections under the Lift’s lid.

Lift Innovations Grinder Loading Area
Nice Big Nug Loading Area!

Turning and grinding the Lift grinder is smooth and effortless. The Lift grinder’s blades have more leverage action than typical weed grinders, so it takes less energy to cut through the nug, but longer motions and more of them.

The grinding experience is wonderful and remarkably easy on the hands and fingers. This grinder is great for someone with limited hand strength.

Opening the Lift grinder is a simple quarter turn.

The Lift grinder has a nice big weed well, and the quarter turn threads are big and beefy!

What I DON’T LIKE about the Lift Innovations Grinder

The Lift will fail under my normal operation. Without regular maintenance the blades of the Lift grinder will gum up and stick to the grind-plate, causing it to loosen and detach from the grinder. This is a very unpleasant surprise – you go to open your grinder and scoop out some greens and instead get greeted by a bunch of metal parts dumped onto your lap, weed and all.

Lift Grinder exploded view
The Lift Grinder is SEVEN PIECES not including the special tool required to put it together.

Aside from the literal falling apart failure – a super dirty Lift grinder is not a pleasure to use. It clicks and clunks as it chews through your nugs. The gummy-ness causes tension in the grinding mechanism and the increased friction and hand-grip will often cause the Lift grinder to open in your hands – since it’s only a quarter-turn to open it.

Lift Grinder: Not My Favorite

Overall I find the Lift Innovations grinder to be overly complicated with little-to-no real advantage. While the experience is nice, the grinder fails when not maintained.

Lift Grinder Plates / Ring Assembly
I put the plate back in upside down, but this is how the assembled Lift grinder looks from below the blades.

The $150 price tag includes 3 grinder plates, 3 kief screens, and the special tool. I think there are better grinders for less.

Lift Grinder vs Brilliant Cut Grinder

It’s no secret the Brilliant Cut is my grinder of choice. Here’s how the Lift Innovations grinder compares to the Brilliant Cut Grinder.

Lift vs Brilliant Cut
Lift Grinder next to Brilliant Cut Grinder

The Lift Grinder is $150 for the full package compared to the Brilliant Cut full package at $125. The basic Lift is $125, while the basic Brilliant Cut is only $75 – that’s half the price!

The Brilliant Cut is made entirely out of aluminum and is small and light, weighing 158 grams. The Lift grinder is wider, taller, and double the weight! The size and shape of the Brilliant Cut allow it to be carried in a pocket – if that’s your thing. I wouldn’t recommend putting the Lift grinder in your pocket.

Most importantly – the Brilliant Cut grinder can grind and grind and grind without failure. No matter how gummed up it gets, it still manages to turn with one finger and grind weed just fine.

See more in my Brilliant Cut Grinder review.

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