Titanium Bowl Upgrades for the PotV One – BLIND TASTE TEST

The One is a great little portable dry herb vape for budgets and beginners. Planet of the Vapes offers this vape as their own branded vaporizer and they’ve made some really nice upgrades over the original.

They recently upgraded the bowl material in The One to Titanium. Prior versions used aluminum in the bowl, which is soft and prone to damage.

The One is $99 and comes with a free grinder and tightvac storage container.

Tasting the difference between ALUMINUM and TITANIUM

Titanium has a unique twang taste when used in high heat applications like enails, but in lower temperature environments like dry herb vapes the titanium shouldn’t have any taste.

Dozens of vaporizers use aluminum bowls and I’ve never heard anyone claim the ability to taste it – although plenty of people believe they’re sensitive to it.

Comparing the two PotV Ones next to eachother, I was able to taste noticeable differences between the two vaporizers, but I’m not convinced that the difference is caused by the differing bowl materials.

My Aluminum-bowled vaporizer is older and has been used much more while the titanium bowl vape is nearly brand new. I tested bowl vapes with brand new mouthpieces, but I do not have an unused aluminum bowl One to test with.

Verdict: NONE