LIVESTREAM: California Recreational Cannabis: $50 Eighth VS $50 HALF OZ

In this comparison, I get high as balls vaping on the Volcano Hybrid for science. (if you use that link, use code S&B15 to save 15%)

I compare a top-shelf eighth of top-shelf cannabis with a $50 half-ounce of pre-ground cannabis.

Top Shelf Contender: Triple Seven LA – Black Jack

At $49 an eighth, this top shelf-ish recreational weed has been pretty damn reliable, but I gotta say this eighth is not as good as the previous. It’s dank, but it’s more dry than I prefer. At fifty bucks I expect moist nugs, 58% minimum.

Budget Cannabis Contender: Old Pal 1/2 Oz Preground

This Big League Chew style packaging comes with a resealable pouch and a pack of rolling papers!

The ground herb itself isn’t amazing, but it’s not as bad as I was expecting.

It’s not all shake – but there’s shake in there.