Cyber Monday deals on the Mighty Vaporizer

UPDATED 11/26 – Cyber Monday Mighty Deal Alert! Puffitup has increased the discount to 20% on the Mighty!

Mighty Vaporizer Review

The Mighty is the #1 dry herb vaporizer and has held that title for several years. I cover the reasons and demonstrate the magic of the Mighty in my review & video.

The Mighty vaporizer is normally $350, which is a lot of weed money to be blowing on a vape, but the Mighty will pay for itself in weed savings within a few months!

This year there are several Black Friday deals on the Mighty vaporizer. Here’s the full list, starting with my favorites.

#1 Mighty Deal – Puffitup $279 + FREEBIES GALORE
The Puffitup deal on the Mighty isn’t the cheapest on this list! However, the collection of accessories included with the Puffitup deal are WORTH IT.
For $296 with code SBGREEN
Puffitup includes
– a NICE aluminum 4-piece Trees brand grinder
– a 14mm water pipe adapter so you can use your bong
– a stand, so the Mighty will stand upright
– a glass bubbler mouthpiece
This sale is LIVE NOW!
Link to Puffitup Mighty Deal

#2 Mighty Deal – Planet of the Vapes $279 + Freebies
Planet of the Vapes has a killer deal on the Mighty too. It doesn’t include as much stuff as the Puffitup deal, but it still includes a nice 4 piece aluminum grinder and a tight-vac dry herb storage container.
Link to PotV Mighty

#3 Mighty Deal – Namaste – $269
I’m surprised to see the Mighty this low! Namaste also includes a free gift with all orders over $20, but I can’t vouch for what’s included.
Namaste has the cheapest price on the Mighty vaporizer this Black Friday.
Link to Namaste Mighty

#4 Mighty Deal – Cream City $295
Cream City has the Mighty at 15% with a free wear-and-tear set and a grinder. The extra mouthpiece comes in very handy for delaying maintenance.

This page will be updated if more deals become available.

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