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Puffitup Black Friday Sale

Camp Counselor Randy over at Puffitup hooked me up with a significant portion of his Black Friday sale.
He has a few other surprises planned, but these are the main deals.
ANNND – He’s donated an Arizer Air II to give away to one lucky winner! (look at the bottom)

The sale links are below with coupon codes
My favorite deals:
#1 Solo2 with all of those stems.
#2 Mighty with all the pimpage
#3 Starry for $89

JUST ADDED: Dynavap Vapcap Deals!! (Nov 24-27 only!)

20% off all vapcap products with coupon code DYNA – damn that’s a deal. (

Boundless Vapes Black Friday deals at Puffitup

35% off  CF and CFX Vapes

Use code CF81 and CFX108 and get the CF for 71 or the CFX for 108. Leave a note with your order that you’re coming from 420vapezone and they’ll include a FREE WPA with CF and CFX orders!!

50% CFV

With the CFV being replaced, it’s no doubt time to clear them out.
Use code CFVHALF to get a CFV for $75!

Mighty & Volcano

This is a GREAT time to invest in the best vapes on the market.
Pick up a Mighty for $296 (15% off with code SBMEXTRA and get EVERY accessory with it – (glass Water pipe adapter, glass mouthpiece, and stand)
Or go big with the Volcano at 15% off use code SBVEXTRA
Crafty is also on sale, 15% with free glass mouthpiece, free water pipe adapter, free case. Use code SBCEXTRA

Sticky Brick Vapes

20% off all the Bricks, use code SBL

Arizer Air/Solo 2

6 free mouthpieces with each

Two black stems (one short, one long – AWESOME!), both 14 and 18 glass water pipe adapters, the bubbler and the high airflow stem. $80+ in value!!
Use code SOLO2MP for the Solo 2
Use code AIR2MP for Air 2

Xmax vapes

Starry for $89
Use code STARRY to knock $30 off this already super affordable ultracompact conduction vape.
GREENFOG for 25% off is a nice deal as well. The Fog is a convection/conduction hybrid with a promising size and form factor.
You can also get the Xmax V2 Pro for $59 with a grinder and any 1 of the 3 glass mouthpiece options

Flowermate vape deals

All of them, and holy shit theres a lot

V5.0s – the tried and true champ for $75 with code FM5S
V5.0s Mini – $79 with code MINI
V5 PRO – $99 with code PRO
V5 PRO Mini – $95 with code MP
V5X – $89 with code MXX
V5X Mini – $89 with code MMX
Swift Pro – $99 with code SWIFT99

Pax 2/3

Pax 2 – use code P2EXTRA to get a free WPA and Pax loading kups
Pax 3 – use code P3EXTRA to get a free WPA, Pax loading kups, and a VaprCase

Davinci IQ

Use code IQEXTRA to get 15% the IQ PLUS a free grinder, free case, and free bubbler

Linx Gaia

20% of the Gaia with code GAIA.

Air XS

20% off the Air XS with code XS

Puffitup Black Friday Arizer Air II Giveaway

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  • Matt Connors November 15, 2017, 7:39 pm

    Happy Black Friday

  • Jimmy November 16, 2017, 12:32 am

    Could not enter for the you tube entry, I am subbed, forgot my password, dont want to get locked out of my you tube with guesses…
    Loved your MV1 review, you gave it props on vape quality, I had to return mine for issues, oh well, you helped guide me to the Davinci Iq on fc forums awhile back. Solid device, love the robust hits, I let is simmer for a minute or two, then that puff is money

  • Zoe November 19, 2017, 7:24 pm

    When does the Black Friday deal start?

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