Puffitup Black Friday Sale

The Puffitup Black Friday Sale has started early! Puffitup is one of my preferred vape stores. I’ve been working with them for many years and I trust them with my life and my weed.

Boundless Vapes Black Friday deals at Puffitup

20% off Boundless CFX, CF-710
CFX for $135 with code CFXGREEN + Free 4pc Grinder + TightVac cannister.  (The CFX was 108 last year)
CF-710 for $79 with code 710GREEN the CFX for 108. Leave a note with your order that you’re coming from 420vapezone and they’ll include a FREE WPA with CF and CFX orders!!
Boundless TERA: $175 with code TERAGREEN –  PLUS FREE bubbler mouthpiece

15% off Storz & Bickel: Mighty, Crafty, Plenty & Volcano

This is a GREAT time to invest in the best vapes on the market.
Pick up a Mighty for $296 (15% off with code MIGHTYGREEN and get EVERY accessory with it – (glass Water pipe adapter, glass bubbler mouthpiece, a stand, and a 4pc grinder)
Or go big with the Volcano at 15% off use code CANOGREEN and get 4 FREE packs of bags!
Crafty is also on sale, 15% with free glass mouthpiece, free water pipe adapter, free case. Use code CRAFTYGREEN
Plenty will include a FREE chamber reducer + 15% savings with code PLENTYGREEN

Sticky Brick Vapes

20% off all the Bricks, use code SBLGREEN
The RUNT is my favorite at $112
Sticky Brick Jr is $119 with several wood varieties left.
There are OG Sticky Bricks and plenty of Hydro Bricks available too. Check out my Sticky Brick Review & User Guide if you need help deciding.

Dr Dabber Switch Deal!

I’m surprised to see a Dr Dabber Switch deal in the lineup. Use code SWITCHGREEN to save 20% on this induction powered dab rig.
Check out my Dr. Dabber Switch Review, too!

Arizer Vaporizers – 25% off

This is the same 25% Arizer price drop as everyone else, but can ALSO apply this to Arizer accessories (like water pipe adapters, upgraded mouthpieces, etc) – use code ARZRGREEN to apply the discount to all Arizer accessories
Solo: $108, Solo 2: $187 || Air: $131, Air 2: $179
Extreme Q: $149 || Arizer ArGo: $202

X-vape vapes

Two of these vapes are featured on my list of best budget dry herb vapes. The Fog for a hundo is a killer deal.

Xvape Starry for $89 + Water Pipe Adapter
Use code STARRYGREEN to knock $30 off this already super affordable ultracompact conduction vape.
The Fog for $99 + Extra Battery
Use code FOGGREEN. The Fog is a mostly convection hybrid with a great size and form factor.
You can also get the Xmax V2 Pro for $55 with a glass mouthpiece with code XMAXGREEN

Flowermate vape deals

V5.0s – the tried and true champ for $65 with code V5SGREEN
V5.0s Mini – $75 with code MINIGREEN
V5 PRO – $90 with code PROGREEN
V5X – $85 with code V5XGREEN
V5X Mini – $85 with code V5XGREEN

*NEW* Flowermate SLICK 15% + FREE CASE with code SLICKGREEN
(neat pen style convection vape)

Davinci IQ

Get either the MIQRO or the IQ for 15% PLUS a FREE battery!
Code MIQROGREEN for the Miqro and code IQGREEN for the IQ

Linx Gaia

20% of the Gaia with code GAIAGREEN
20% off Linx Pens LINXGREEN.

Desktop Vapes at Puffitup:

Ditanium for 15% off with code DITANIUMGREEN
E-nano – 15% off with code EPICGREEN