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Black Friday 2023 Vaporizer Deals

Black Friday is the best time of the year to get deals on vaporizers and this year all of the sales started early. Many stores have already started their sales and there are big discounts on dry herb vapes, glassware, and portable e-rigs.

Black Friday falls on November 24th of 2023 and Cyber Monday is November 27th. There will be some crazy deals that are only available on Black Friday or Cyber Monday but most of the best vape deals are available now through Cyber Monday, or until sold out.

Vape Store Sales: Black Friday 2023

Potv 4/20 vape sales

Planet of the Vapes Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Planet of the Vapes has made their Black Friday sale ALL MONTH LONG and it is LIVE NOW.  They have some great savings on the most reliable and popular vapes.

Vgoodiez 420 Vape Sale

Vgoodiez Holiday Sale

Vgoodiez caters to vape enthusiasts and carries harder-hitting dry herb vaporizers. They’ve put together some fantastic desktop vape bundles for the 4/20 sale.

Best Vape Deals: Black Friday 2023

The old days of scanning all the Black Friday ads are over.  These are the best dry herb vaporizers that are on sale this year.

These are my favorite vape deals of Black Friday 2023. The vapes in this section are my favorite vaporizers and these deals are probably the best prices you’ll find for these devices all year.



Mighty Plus 420 vape sale Vape

Mighty + for $299

Treat yourself! The Mighty+ is the 2nd best portable sesh vape available.  The Mighty has been the #1 portable dry herb vaporizer since 2015 and has only recently been dethroned by the Venty.  Previously the best Mighty+ price was $329.
» Buy the Mighty+
» See My Mighty+ Review

PotV Lobo for $139

PotV Lobo

The Lobo is the newest mid-tier portable vape and it’s a very promising dry herb vaporizer. The Lobo packs a punch and can power a bong pretty easily. The Lobo is my new favorite budget-friendly vape. It’s normally $159 and this is the first time it is on sale.
» Buy a Lobo
» See my PotV Lobo Review

PotV ONE is $79 for Black Friday 2023

PotV One for $79

This is the best cheap dry herb vape of 2023. It’s normally a $100 after the coupon, but right now the ONE  is only $79. If you’re looking for a good cheap battery-powered portable vape, this one is solid.
» Buy the ONE
» See My  POTV One Review

Mighty OG Black Friday

OG Mighty for $239

The original Mighty is no slouch! This is nearly as good as the Mighty Plus but without USB-C and a little bit slower.  This vape is still great, just not as fresh as the Mighty+
» Buy the OG Mighty @ PotV

Arizer Solo Black Friday Sale

Arizer Solo 2 for $120

The Arizer Solo 2 is a classy vape with a pure glass vapor path for the truest terpene tasting. This vape packs a great battery life and a wonderful dry herb vaping experience.
» Buy a Solo 2
» See my Solo 2 Review

Crafty Plus Vaporizer

Crafty + for $210

The Crafty+ is a micro-sized Mighty. It has best-in-class vapor similar to the Mighty and Volcano vaporizers. This is the first time I’ve seen the Crafty+ this cheap.
» Buy Crafty+

Desktop Vaporizer Deals: Black Friday 2023

Desktop vaporizers often hit harder and provide more power than portable dry herb vaporizers. Ball vapes are the hardest-hitting dry herb vaporizers available. Many of the newest desktop vaporizers use balls and are designed to be used on a bong, but traditional tabletop vaporizers like the Volcano are still popular.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizor for $524 in the 420 sale

Volcano Hybrid for $524

That’s a savings of $175 on one of the most iconic desktop vaporizers available. The Volcano Hybrid puts out a potent, fluffy vapor that’s still unrivaled today. Hit it through a whip or pass around balloons of vapor.

B-Zero Bundle for $199 from Vgoodiez

$199 B-Zero Bundle @ VGoodiez

The B-Zero (B0) is one of my favorite desktop vaporizers. It’s a full convection ball vape with massive power and single-hit extractions. This vape must be used on a bong.
» Buy B-Zero
» See My B-Zero Review

When are the Vape Sales?

There are two big vape sales every year and if you want the best deal, you’ll be waiting until 4/20 or Black Friday.

Planet of the Vapes used to launch their Black Friday sale on Black Friday while Puffitup, Vapor.com, and Vgoodiez have deals throughout the week, but this year they’re all doing a full week of vape deals!

Watch this page for the latest vape sales. Leave a comment in Discord if you’ve found a deal that I’ve missed!

Volcano Vaporizer Sale

The Volcano doesn’t go on sale often and Storz & Bickel enforces standard pricing with all of their licensed resellers.

The week before Black Friday is the best time to buy a Volcano and the best deal is currently at PotV.

They’re offering 25% off the Volcano Hybrid or Volcano Classic. I recommend the Hybrid. See my Volcano review

Also 25% @ Vapor.com

Mighty Vaporizer Sale

The Mighty and Mighty+ vaporizers only go on sale twice per year – Black Friday and April 20th.

The best deal you can get on a Mighty right now is 25% in the POTV sale. (Nov 17-25)

In the off-season, use code S&B20 to save 20% on Mighty, Mighty+ or Crafty+ at PoTV

2022 Mighty Black Friday Deal: 25% @ Vapor.com

Vape Deals on Volcano, Mighty, Pax, Davinci, other weed vapes

Vape sales don’t happen often. I’ll keep this page updated with active deals and sales. Here are direct links to the major / trusted vaporizer makers with online stores. 

Pax Vape Shop
Dynavap Vape Shop

use code TROYTIME

Storz & Bickel Vaporizer Shop
Davinci Vaporizer Online Store
Healthy Rips Vaporizer Shop
Old Head Trading Co
Xvape Vaporizers
Puffco Logo / Vape Store Link
Arizer Vapes Canada
Tinymight Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Labs

2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday Vape Deals

UPDATED NOV 28, 2022 -1:20pm PST – Today is CYBER MONDAY. I’ve listed vape deals from 49 stores on this page!! That’s a huge round-up! Thank you to everyone who has been sending me deals!

These vaporizer sales from Puffco, Storz & Bickel, PotV, and Dynavap won’t last long.

Several stores have updated their Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales. There are even a couple of grow light deals added below all the vape deals!

Black Friday Vape Deals

Check vaporizer reviews on 420vapezone.com to stay up-to-date on all the latest vape news.  I’m an independent reviewer, consider supporting me on Patreon.

Black Friday 2022 Sales have STARTED! I’ve listed all of the weed vape-related deals here with a brief summary. I’m active in the Discord daily if you need help choosing a vape! My best portable vape page has a ranked list of my favorite dry herb vapes if you want to research vapes or watch their videos.

Planet of the Vapes (Best Vape Deals 2022)

PotV is the largest and most popular online vape shop in the dry herb space. They’re the ones to go to for mainstream vape needs. They ship vapes in discrete packaging and their customer service is the best in space. Planet of the Vapes has been supportive of the community and independent reviewers for many years now.

PotV Deals on Dynavap Vapes are LIVE NOW

  • 20% off all Dynavap – there are some great deals included in this Dynavap sale.
  • the $188 Obsidium Omni is a nice deal, this is one of my favorite Dynavap stems and probably the most luxurious Dynavap experience.
  • The $97 M starter kits are a great budget option if this is your first Dynavap vaporizer.
  • Even cheaper yet are the these BB3 starter kits for $45. These include a BB3 stem, tip, cap, wooden case, and a nice torch

The best vape deals go live on Nov 17th.

  • Mighty+ for $300 is a hot deal and the cheapest Mighty+ coupon.
  • Volcano Hybrid is $525 (also 25% off)
  • Classic Volcano – $360
  • Mighty OG for $262 – great price if you don’t mind the wall charger instead of USB-C.
  • POTV ONE for $80
  • POTV V3 Pro for $88

PotV is also offering HUGE discounts on Arizer vapes. Solo 2 for $120, Air Max for $180, and Extreme Q for $120.

20% off Flowermate, Boundless, Xmax, Vapman

And 15% off Sticky Bricks

Storz & Bickel up to 40% Volcano, Mighty, etc

Storz & Bickel up to 40% Volcano, Volcano Hybrid, Mighty vaporizer
Storz & Bickel is offering *up to* 40% savings on vapes and accessories.

Sadly the S&B deals aren’t as good as PotV deals.

The Mighty+ is my favorite vape and #1 on my list of best portable vapes. Storz & Bickel is offering 15% off the Mighty+, but PotV is offering closer to 25%

Storz & Bickel Volcano and Volcano Hybrid are also extremely popular vaporizers. The best price in the “off-season” is 20% off, so any discount higher than 20 is a good deal on a Volcano, Mighty, or Crafty vaporizer.

Planet of the Vapes has the best deals on Storz & Bickel Volcano and Mighty vapes this Black Friday. The biggest discounts are on accessories like Volcano bags, Mighty cooling units, chargers, etc.

The dry herb vape market is changing rapidly as new heater technologies and batteries become available to vape makers. See my list of best-ranked portable vaporizers to better understand all of the vaporizers available and how they compare.

MiniNail E-nails 

MiniNail Enail 50% hybrid quartz

TheMiniNail’s Black Friday sales have begun. They’re offering up to 50% sitewide.  The e-nail pictured above is the quartz hybrid nail. It’s normally $350 and it’s now $175 after 50% savings. I’m a big fan of the DEEP DISH HYBRID ($250) with an upgraded SIC dish and the space needle dabber.

They’ve even discounted the glass PIDs and heady PIDs! This 6-PID controller is giving me the biggest VAS boner I’ve ever experienced.

6 PID enail controller

Freight Train Ball Vapes

Old Head Freight Train Black Friday Deal

20% off EVERYTHING at Old Head. This includes the Dab Caddy, Pordebowl, Freight Train, and the newest Freight Train PRO.

Add a weed scoop to any Freight Train bundle and use code THANKFULL22 to get the spoon FOR FREE. This is the best weed scoop in the biz and the standard measurement method in my videos.

** Apparently the coupon code thing is wonky, so Brian is simply adding a scoop to all bundle orders – no need to add the scoop to your cart. **

$304 for the Freight Train PRO bundle is a slamming deal. The Freight Train Pro has a more open airflow than the original. This vape hits!


15% Savings on Brilliant Cut Grinder

Brilliant Cut Grinder

The Brilliant Cut is hands down the best weed grinder on the market. This threadless grinder has the smoothest action and never needs to be cleaned.

The BCG is customizable in 14 different beautifully anodized colors and buyers are able to personalize their top, middle, and bottom grinder colors.

The Brilliant Cut is also available in two sizes, with 3 different grind plate options. I like coarse and medium.

Now available in Stainless Steel!

Dynavap Black Friday

Dynavap Black Friday

Dynavap has 20% sitewide, which is pretty epic – but what’s even cooler is they’ve put together some bundles with additional savings.

Black Friday Buddy Bundle from Dynavap

The Buddy Bundle is 42% savings and includes a badass bong, a Titanium bodied Vong (i), and an induction heater for torchless heating. This is a sweet setup!

Puffco Peak and Peak Pro black friday deals

Puffco Black Friday

Puffco is playing along in the post-Thanksgiving sales with some pretty sweet bundles!

Skip the Puffco Plus because pens are weak sauce.

The Travel Bundle is a great deal for the travel glass alone. A hot knife and bag really sweeten the deal.

Puffco Peak Pro Black Friday bundle with a Hot Knife, 3d atomizer, and upgraded ball cap – all for $399. That’s the best deal I’ve seen and those upgrades are very worthy.

Puffco also has bundle deals on the OG Peak and the Puffco Proxy. They’re not quite as sweet as the Pro bundle, but they’re still good deals.

Xvape Vapes

Xvape USA 20% for black friday

Xvape’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale is only 20% – which is only 5% better than the PotV sale. To sweeten the deal, Xvape is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.

The only Xvape products I currently recommend are Aria, Starry, and Roffu.

Pulsar Vape Shop Deals

Pulsar's updated black friday sale: 25% (previously 20%)

use code ONLINE25 to save 25% at Pulsar.  They have some killer accessories, my favorite is the banger/bowl display. This deal was previously only 20% but they increased it on 11/25!

710 Coils Black Friday Sale

710 Coils Black Friday Sale

710 Coils has 20% off everything. They’ve been respected and trusted for many years. 

Sticky Brick Labs

Sticky Brick Labs 20% with code THANKS20
Code THANKS20 will get you 20% savings at Sticky Brick Labs. Plus a free injector bowl with Jr, Runt, OG, and Maxx purchases.  This is an excellent opportunity for ball-vape users to get a great bowl for free while scoring another hard-hitting vape.

Koil Boi 25% Sale

Koil Boi 25% savings with code BLACKFRIDAY

Use code BLACKFRIDAY to save 25% at KoilBoi.com

Koil Boi is the #1 recommended Dynavap Induction Heater on my list.

They’re also selling a TiTi ball vape under the misnomer “Conductive Heater”

FocusV / Focus Carta

Focus Carta Black Friday

Vgoodiez Black Friday

vgoodiez logo

Vgoodiez has 4 different tiers of deals this Black Friday.

30% Vgoodiez Glass & Apparel
25% Ispire Wand, YLL Induction heaters
20% 7th Floor, Airvape, Blazer, Dynavap, Sticky Brick Labs, and Storz & Bickel
10% off Auber, Goo Roo Glass, Vapman

Healthy Rips Vape Sale

Healthy Rips 20% off for black friday
20% savings at Healthy Rips is legit! The updated ROGUE SE is one of the best values already, the Black Friday savings make this deal even sweeter.

Cannabis Hardware – Flowerpot Black Friday Deals

Cannabis Hardware

The Flowerpot desktop vaporizer is the hardest-hitting weed vape available and the one vape that remains here on my desk, in daily rotation. The B-zero is a full convection dry herb only vape that I use during the day and *most* nights. The B2 with the Shovelhead bowl is what I reach for when I’m looking for a more “stoney” high.

The Flowerpot sale is for one day only. Save 20% sitewide ON BLACK FRIDAY. Deal starts Nov 25 12am EST

Coupon Code TROYTIME to save at Cannabis Hardware

Dab Rite Black Friday Deal

Black Friday Dab Rite for $125

The Dab Rite is a life-changing device for hardcore dabbers and this is the cheapest I’ve seen it.  There’s a new version coming soon though, so this price may be the new norm. Right now $125 for a Dabrite is a hot deal!.

See my Dabbing with Dabrite video to see how life-changing this device is.

Evolve Cricket Sale

Evolve Cricket Save $66

This Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend you can save $66 on the Evolve Cricket, bringing the price down to $333.

This is not your typical wax pen. The Evolve Cricket is made for TINY dabs and maximum effect and efficiency. Evolve Cricket review coming soon.

Victory Glassworks (Bangers & Slurpers)

Victory Glassworks Black Friday Sale Info

Victory is having a KILLER sale on quartz bangers and terp slurpers. These are high-quality quartz bangers designed by dab connoisseurs.

SALEXSALE takes an additional 40% off  clearance items.  But all of the 14mm 90 stuff is gone.

use code VICTORY30 for sitewide 30%

Victory Glassworks is my preferred brand of quartz banger and terp slurper. Watch my demo video to see why.

Terporium (Bangers & Terp Slurpers)

Terporium Black Friday

Terporium is another popular online supplier of quartz bangers and terp slurpers. 

They’re offering 30% sitewide with code BLACK22

I have one banger from Terporium and it’s OK. I think the air intakes on the banger they sent me are flawed.

DankBanger Quartz Bangers / Slurpers

Dank Banger BF Sales 30%

Another 30% off quartz bangers, terp slurpers, and other dabbing accessories.

I have no experience with Dank Banger but that’s a great name.

Their bangers look nice enough and their prices are decent. I’ll add them to my list of bangers to review for 2023.

Oconnell Vape Sale

Oconnell Vape Sale

Oconnell makes a variety of vaporizers, including ball vapes. His ball vape is not included in his sale though :)

His Black Friday vaporizer sale includes butane vapes and accessories.

And it looks like most of the good stuff is sold out…

Airvape Black Friday

Airvape logo - black friday sale link

The Airvape Legacy Pro goes on sale on Black Friday and will be on sale through the weekend until Cyber Monday.

Code BFSWPRO100 will save 100 off the Legacy Pro.

Or get a FREE LEGACY PRO with a regular price Legacy Pro purchase with code BFSWPRO241.

See my Airvape Legacy Pro review

Boundless Vapes

Boundless Vaporizers Black Friday

Boundless is offering 30% off sitewide with code TAKE30.

Their new CFX+ is a pretty nice little starter vape with a big bowl and hybrid heating.

The Boundless Terp Pen has set the standard for electronic nectar collectors and dab straws.

The Vexil is fine, but it’s a budget vape at best. CFV and CFC are avoidable.

Qaroma Deals @ Ritual Smoke Shop

Ritual Black Friday Sale Ad

Ritual is a small shop that can’t compete on mainstream vapes, but they’re offering a KILLER 15% off and a free pass-through bowl with any QaromaShop purchase.

Vapor.com Black Friday Deals

Vapor Black Friday Sale

Vapor.com’s Black Friday deal is 25% off all vapes, bongs, and smoking accessories.

Vivant Vapes

Vivant Black Friday Vape Deals

Kinda “Meh” deals at Vivant. I’d avoid the Incendio. It looks neat, but it sucks.

Between the 23rd and 25th you can save 42% if you spend $100 or more, or 25% sitewide with no minimum.

The Vivant Ambit and Vleaf Go aren’t terrible, but they’re also not on my list of recommended vapes.

Black Friday BOGO @ High5

high5 black friday deals

High Five’s 2022 Black Friday deal is 40% off OR BUY ONE GET ONE with code BLACKFD22.  I don’t have any of their stuff but I hear good things.

Simrell Super Sale

Simrell Black Friday

Simrell Collection is offering $20 discounts on Vortex and MVS Dynavap Stems.

No Black Friday deals on customs or anodization, sorry.

Davinci Vapes Black Friday Deal

Davinci 25% black friday sale

25% off sitewide with code BF25 is a nice deal if you’re in the market for a Davinci IQC or IQ2. Skip the Miqro, please.

This was previously only 20% but they updated on 11/25/22!

VapeFiend UK / GB

Vape Fiend UK (logo)

Vapefiend serves the United Kingdom / Great Britain.

Vapefiend George has been involved with the UK Cannabis scene for more than a decade and he’s been reviewing weed vapes longer than anyone!

George is a gem in the ganja world and an absolute asset to this industry. We caught up with George earlier this year on the Troy and Jerry show and he shared his wonderful history.

Disorderly Conduction Enail Sale

Disorderly Conduction Enail Black Friday Sale

Disorderly Conduction’s Black Friday sale is 25% sitewide, with no code needed. Discounts apply to E-nails, e-nail bundles, bangers, accessories, and more. DC PIDS are compatible with Flowerpot XLR coils.

Trichome Institute Cannabis Education

Trichome Institute Black Friday Bundles

There is no agreed-upon official source of cannabis knowledge, but Max Montrose and his Trichome Institute are considered the best there is.

Big discounts in his sale, especially on the bundles!


Magic Flight Launch Box HAH

Magic Flight Launch Box Black Friday Cyber Monday

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a classic vape that isn’t really relevant or recommended nowadays – but their business lives on and they’re having a Black Friday Sale just to prove it.

Now through the weekend, you can add a Launch Box to your collection of vapes. Or maybe add a wall power supply to bring that old Maud Dib back to life?

Danivape @ Wesleypipesandmore

WesleyPipesandMore Black Friday sale includes Danivape for 15% off

use code BLACKFRYDAY to save 15% the Danivape 

Black Friday @ CaliBear

Calibear Black Friday Sale

Calibear is Chinese glass from exclusive blowers. Remember when DHgate had a ton of great glass deals? This is where they’ve all gone to. Calibear offers both imported and US-Shipped glassware.

Their Black Friday discount appears to be ~30% depending on the product. Use code BLACKBEAR at checkout.

Calibear sells the Straight Fab seen in most of my videos.

Vapman Vaporizer Deals

Vapman Black Friday 20% sitewide

Vapman has the new beautiful Kotibe vaporizer bundles discounted.

They’re also offering 20% sitewide, excluding the already discounted bundles.

See the Troy & Jerry Vapman videos to see this neat little vape in action.

InhalCO – Glass & Bongs

InhalCO Bong Sale - Black Friday Cyber Monday

InhalCO is another glass importer with quality and reliable bongs and bubbles.

InhaleCO is offering 25% savings with code BFES25

They also sell a Straight Fab

Free Shipping on SMOOTHEE Herb Storage Bundles

Smoothee Black Friday free shipping coupon

This little herb container has a built-in stir stick, poker, tamper, and scoop.  Jerry was a big fan of this little vape accessory while traveling with his Dynavap.

Use code 420vapezone to get free shipping with any starter bundle.

20% at 420 EDC

420 EDC Logo - 20% off sitewide

20% for most things. 420 EDC carries a few vapes and a curated selection of cases and accessories for the portable vape user.

JCVAP 15% Pockety, etc

Pockety Black Friday

I don’t have one of these, but they look pretty badass! The atomizer uses inserts and they have a variety of high-quality dabbing surfaces, like SIC, ruby, and ALN.

Arizer Black Friday Vape Sale

Arizer Black Friday

Arizer is Canadian so they’re merely participating for funsies here. Other vape shops have better deals on Arizer stuff in their Black Friday sales. This may be a great time for Canadians to pick up Arizer stuff though!

TAG – Thick Ass Glass Bongs

TAG logo

TAG has some *Thick Ass Glass* and with code 35-BKFDAY you can save a whopping 35% off.

Tag sells bongs, bubblers, pipes, bangers, and other smoking and dabbing accessories.

Arizer Vapes @ Vapor Sale

Arizer Vapor Black Friday Deal 30%
Massive savings on Arizer vapes over at Vapor.com. Use code ARIZER30 to get the hottest deals on Arizer.

Black Friday Grow Lights & Hydroponics

Grow Ace Black Friday

GrowAce is running 20-40% off on grow lights, soil and media, grow tents, and other growing supplies. Deals change daily/weekly.

Mars Hydro Grow Lights & Tents

Mars Hydro Black Friday ad

Mars Hydro is offering 15% off tents with the purchase of a grow light. See my grow light comparison to see how the different Mars Hydro lights stack up. My favorite is the FC-6500.