Black Friday Vape Deals

It’s that time of year again! Black Friday and Cyber Monday vape deals are ALREADY LIVE! This is the best time of year to quit smoking pot and start vaporizing with a dry herb vape. The dry herb vape deals on this page will only last until Cyber Monday.

Best Vape Deals

Here are the best deals on the best vapes. These are the vape deals I’d be choosing.

Arizer Go / ArGo - $175

Arizer Go / ArGo – $175

WAS: $270
NOW: $175
Planet of the Vapes coming through with a KILLER deal on this ultra-compact portable dry herb vape.

One of my favorite vapes to carry.

(Starts 11/21)

Mighty with FREEBIES

Mighty with FREEBIES

Was:$350 Now:$296
Free Stand
Free WPA
Free 4pc Grinder
Free bubbler mouthpiece

3 more deals

Stempod $99

Stempod $99

Was: $125
Now: $99
Code: BlackFriday
Sale Starts: Nov 20

Firewood 5 - $194

Firewood 5 – $194

Code: cyberblack15 for 15%
(Min order $200)

Code: cyberblack25 for 25%
(Min order $400)

Sticky Bricks 20% OFF!

Sticky Bricks 20% OFF!

Slamming deal on these hard-hitting vapes. They never go on sale and they WILL SELL OUT.
I recommend the RUNT, OG, and Jr.

watch my Sticky Brick video

Dr Dabber Switch - $319

Dr Dabber Switch – $319

The Switch is normally $400. This is the first deal I’ve ever seen on it. $320 is a great price
Use code SWITCHGREEN to save 20%


Grinder Deals

Santa Cruz Shredder $64 (20% OFF coupon code GRINDGREEN)
Type of Grind: medium

Space Case Medium $59 (20% OFF coupon code GRINDGREEN)
Type of Grind: medium

Mendo Mulcher 2″ $40 (20% OFF coupon code GRINDGREEN)
Type of Grind: medium

Super Weapon II $28 (coupon code: GRINDGREEN)
Type of Grind: medium-coarse

Storz & Bickel Deals

Volcano Classic $407.15 + FREE 4 pack of bags
(code CLASSIC 420)
Volcano Digital $509.15 + FREE 4 pack of bags
(code DIGITAL 420)
Plenty $211.65 + FREE spacer
(code PLENTY 420)
Crafty $237.15 + FREE WPA, FREE glass mouthpiece, FREE capsule magazine
(code CRAFTY420)
Mighty $296 + FREE WPA, FREE glass mouthpiece, FREE stand, and FREE capsule magazine
(code MIGHTY420)
Storz & Bickel Accessories 20% OFF (code SB420)




Puffitup Black Friday 2018

The Puffitup Black Friday Sale has started early! Puffitup is one of my preferred vape stores. I’ve been working with them for many years and I trust them with my life and my weed.

Boundless Vapes Black Friday deals at Puffitup

20% off Boundless CFX, CF-710
CFX for $135 with code CFXGREEN + Free 4pc Grinder + TightVac cannister.  (The CFX was 108 last year)
CF-710 for $79 with code 710GREEN
Boundless TERA: $175 with code TERAGREEN –  PLUS FREE bubbler mouthpiece

15% off Storz & Bickel: Mighty, Crafty, Plenty & Volcano

This is a GREAT time to invest in the best vapes on the market.
Pick up a Mighty for $296 (15% off with code MIGHTYGREEN and get EVERY accessory with it – (glass Water pipe adapter, glass bubbler mouthpiece, a stand, and a 4pc grinder)
Or go big with the Volcano at 15% off use code CANOGREEN and get 4 FREE packs of bags!
Crafty is also on sale, 15% with free glass mouthpiece, free water pipe adapter, free case. Use code CRAFTYGREEN
Plenty will include a FREE chamber reducer + 15% savings with code PLENTYGREEN

Sticky Brick Vapes

20% off all the Bricks, use code SBLGREEN
The RUNT is my favorite at $112
Sticky Brick Jr is $119 with several wood varieties left.
There are OG Sticky Bricks and plenty of Hydro Bricks available too. Check out my Sticky Brick Review & User Guide if you need help deciding.

Dr Dabber Switch Deal!

I’m surprised to see a Dr Dabber Switch deal in the lineup. Use code SWITCHGREEN to save 20% on this induction powered dab rig.
Check out my Dr. Dabber Switch Review, too!

Arizer Vaporizers – 25% off

This is the same 25% Arizer price drop as everyone else, but can ALSO apply this to Arizer accessories (like water pipe adapters, upgraded mouthpieces, etc) – use code ARZRGREEN to apply the discount to all Arizer accessories
Solo: $108, Solo 2: $187 || Air: $131, Air 2: $179
Extreme Q: $149 || Arizer ArGo: $202

X-vape vapes

Two of these vapes are featured on my list of best budget dry herb vapes. The Fog for a hundo is a killer deal.

Xvape Starry for $89 + Water Pipe Adapter
Use code STARRYGREEN to knock $30 off this already super affordable ultracompact conduction vape.
The Fog for $99 + Extra Battery
Use code FOGGREEN. The Fog is a mostly convection hybrid with a great size and form factor.
You can also get the Xmax V2 Pro for $55 with a glass mouthpiece with code XMAXGREEN

Flowermate vape deals

V5.0s – the tried and true champ for $65 with code V5SGREEN
V5.0s Mini – $75 with code MINIGREEN
V5 PRO – $90 with code PROGREEN
V5X – $85 with code V5XGREEN
V5X Mini – $85 with code V5XGREEN

*NEW* Flowermate SLICK 15% + FREE CASE with code SLICKGREEN
(neat pen style convection vape)

Davinci IQ

Get either the MIQRO or the IQ for 15% PLUS a FREE battery!
Code MIQROGREEN for the Miqro and code IQGREEN for the IQ

Linx Gaia

20% of the Gaia with code GAIAGREEN
20% off Linx Pens LINXGREEN.

Desktop Vapes at Puffitup:

Ditanium for 15% off with code DITANIUMGREEN
E-nano – 15% off with code EPICGREEN

Namaste Vaporizers

Namaste Vaporizers is killing it this year with the most aggressive vape deals and biggest discounts on dry herb vapes.
They’re offering 25% sitewide and 20% off Pax, Davinci, Storz & Bickel

BUT – Their sale doesn’t start until next week. 

Planet of the Vapes

Planet of the Vapes will usually have all the same discounts as Puffitup with a few curveballs and fun bundles. Their sale will be releasing this weekend.

Interplanetary Development

Interplanetary Development is running their discount all month long! They have some great accessories including their Super Weapon II grinder for $28 and the VapCap Launchpad!

Cream City Vapes

Cream City has several great deals as well!

They have the Dr Dabber Switch on sale with free black glass as well as a Ghost MV1 deal with a free fast charger!

Pax Vapor

Pax has not released their Black Friday deals yet, check back soon!

Davinci Vaporizers

Davinci usually offers a nice discount and additional savings on all accessories for Black Friday, but their sale has not yet been released. Check back soon!

25% Price Drop ARIZER VAPES

25% Price Drop ARIZER VAPES

Both Puffitup and Planet of the Vapes have matched Arizer’s 25% PRICE DROP!

This makes for some KILLER DEALS on some of the best weed vapes available.

The Argo, the latest ultra portable is now $202 at Puffitup | PotV
The Solo 2 is $187 (was $250) (PIU | PotV)
The Air 2 is now $179 (was $240) (PIU | PotV)
The Extreme Q is now $150 (PIU)




use coupon code

This coupon code may not work during larger sales and promotions.

Save 10% at newvape

Save 10% at newvape

Use code “420vapezone” to save 10%

Valid on Flowerpot enail, Pax accessories, rosin presses, etc

15% Coupon Code

15% Coupon Code

The following codes will save you 15% at

BEST DEAL on the MIGHTY Vaporizer

BEST DEAL on the MIGHTY Vaporizer

What’s the best deal on a Mighty Vaporizer?
This one, from Mighty Vape for $296!!

This is the best price you can find on a legit Mighty from an authorized distributor.

Get it while the coupon is still valid!!

The Mighty is my absolute highest rated vaporizer. It performs like no other portable can.
It was every penny worth it at it’s previous $399 price point.
At $296 it’s a fucking steal.

Expired Deals

Too bad, so sad. These are the deals you’ve missed. I’m archiving them for historical purposes so you can decide to buy now or wait until the next potential deal.

Puffco Peak Coupon!

Puffco Peak Coupon!

Everyone wants a Puffco Peak but no one wants to pay retail! This cute little portable dab rig is one of the hottest products out right now and discounts have been unheard of.

Until today.

Puffco leaked a discount coupon for the Peak, but they’re going to make you jump through some patriotic hoops to get it.

Here’s how to get your Puffco Peak coupon:
1. Go Vote (ahh, some restrictions apply obv)
2. Scan your sticker/receipt/whatever
3. On Nov 6-7, go to and submit your scan
4. Receive coupon on Nov 8

The Peak is my favorite portable dab rig and I’ve been perving over the white peak with yellow accessories.
(Christmas is coming)

Pax 3 Coupon: 15% Pax Vapes

Pax 3 Coupon: 15% Pax Vapes

Pax 3 deals don’t come along very often!

Use code 15PAX3 and this link to save 15% off the Pax 3 vape.


VapCap Water Wand BUNDLE - $100

VapCap Water Wand BUNDLE – $100

This bundle includes a Vapcap M vaporizer from Dynavap!

Also includes:
– mini bong, perfect for Vapcap Water Wand usage
– micro bong, super tiny, super fun
– long DDave Water Wand for Dynavap Vapcap
– short DDave Water Wand


$20  (PINK) Super Weapon 2 Weed Grinder (60% savings)

$20 (PINK) Super Weapon 2 Weed Grinder (60% savings)

Use code PINKSALE to get the PINK Super Weapon II for $20

The Super Weapon II is a fantastic grinder and an absolute steal at twenty bones.

20% Off - VapeXhale Cloud EVO

20% Off – VapeXhale Cloud EVO

VapeXhale is offering big summer discounts on the Cloud EVO and all accessories.

The EVO is a full convection desktop vaporizer. It’s a BEAST of a dry herb vape and fully capable as a wax and concentrates vape as well.

Use code SUMMER2018 to save 20%

Eds TNT Anniversary Sale

Eds TNT Anniversary Sale

Ed’s TNT is one of the cannabis communities most loved and trusted maker of wooden vapes and vape accessories.

Ed’s TNT Woodscents is a plug-in convection vaporizer (known as a “log vape”)

Ed is offering 11% off with coupon code: 2018

EXPIRED Davinci Vapes 20% Coupon Code

EXPIRED Davinci Vapes 20% Coupon Code

Sorry this deal is expired. Please check the Vape Deals page for an updated list.

Davinci is celebrating Fourth of July with a 20% coupon valid on all accessories.

Use code FIREWORKS at checkout to save 20% (Not valid for Davinci IQ or other vaporizers)

The Davinci IQ is one of my favorite weed vapes. This is a great time to grab some accessories and upgrades!



Save 20% on everything – EXCEPT SWITCH, sorry

Hefty savings on smaller vapes and Dr Dabber Switch accessories
Dr Dabber Switch Review

Shop DrDabber
Puffitup 7/10 Sale!

Puffitup 7/10 Sale!

7/10 is the new 4/20 – or at least some of us are stoned enough to go along with it for the sake of vape discounts and deals.

Puffitup just released their OIL DAY sales information and there are some sweet vape deals!

W9 Omicron Wax vape is 20-40% off
Saionara and EZ Sai are both 25% off (Use code 710SAI)
Sai Pico Combo with free Samsung 25R: $59 (Use Code: 710COMBO)
Linx: 15%
Boundless CF-710: 20% off

And from a different sale, Vapcaps are 20% for 2 more days


2017 Black Friday Vape Deals

Here’s a roundup of all the weed vape related black friday sales.

The BEST deals this year:
1. Mighty $296 w/free WPA, free glass mouthpiece, free stand (code SBMEXTRA). This is the BEST vape there is and it’s never been more affordable.
2. Solo II for $204 with 6 free mouthpieces (code SOLO2MP). $40 in savings and $80 worth of freebies for the NICEST vape available.
3. JUST ADDED! 15% Newvape Flowerpot – with code blackfriday. This is the ultimate enail + desktop flower vape. Perfect for dabbing and dry herb use. This device is in a whole different league.
4. JUST ADDED! Flowermate SWIFT Pro for $39Code: SWIFTGREEN. Insane deal on this pure convection device. Only 2 bowls per charge, but for 40 bucks who cares.

The best Budget Vape Deals
If you’re looking for a budget vape, I highly recommend the Fury 2 for $130 after coupon (FC20). It comes with a free water pipe adapter as well.

The Fog and Starry deals are both great cheap vapes as well! (below in the Puffitup section). Both are made by Xmax/Xvape. The Fog is convection with a bit of conduction, and the Starry is pure conduction.

If you’re looking for the ultimate budget vape and don’t mind a butane torch, pick up the Vapcap M this friday for $40.
You’ll be able to get Dynavap Vapcaps at Puffitup, PlanetoftheVapes, and Dynavap Store on Friday 11/24 for 20% off!!

7th Floor Vapes
– 25% everything (some exclusions apply)

Healthy Rips
$20 off Fury 2 (starts Nov 24)(or use code FC20 NOW)

Puffitup Black Friday 2017

JUST ADDED: Dynavap Vapcap Deals!!
20% off all vapcap products with coupon code DYNA – damn that’s a deal.

Boundless Vapes Black Friday deals at Puffitup
35% off  CF and CFX Vapes + FREE WPA
Use code CF81 or CFX108 and get the CF for 71 or the CFX for 108

50% off Boundless CFV ($75!)
Use code CFVHALF to get a CFV for $75!

Mighty & Volcano
Pick up a Mighty for $296 (15% off with code SBMEXTRA and get EVERY accessory with it – (glass Water pipe adapter, glass mouthpiece, and stand)
Or go big with the Volcano at 15% off use code SBVEXTRA
Crafty is also on sale, 15% with free glass mouthpiece, free water pipe adapter, free case. Use code SBCEXTRA. SBPEXTRA will knock 15% off the Plenty.

Sticky Brick Vapes
20% off all the Bricks, use code SBL

Arizer Air/Solo 2
6 free mouthpieces with each!
Two black stems (one short, one long – AWESOME!), both 14 and 18 glass water pipe adapters, the bubbler and the high airflow stem. $80+ in value!!
Use code SOLO2MP for the Solo 2
Use code AIR2MP for Air 2

Xmax vapes
Starry for $89 –  use code STARRY
Fog for $120  – use code GREENFOG for 25% off. The Fog is a convection/conduction hybrid with a promising size and form factor.
You can also get the Xmax V2 Pro for $59 with a grinder and any 1 of the 3 glass mouthpiece options

Flowermate vape deals
V5.0s – the tried and true champ for $75 with code FM5S
V5.0s Mini – $79 with code MINI
V5 PRO – $99 with code PRO
V5 PRO Mini – $95 with code MP
V5X – $89 with code MXX
V5X Mini – $89 with code MMX
Swift Pro – $39 with code SWIFTGREEN

Pax 2/3

Pax 2 – use code P2EXTRA to get a free WPA and Pax loading kups
Pax 3 – use code P3EXTRA to get a free WPA, Pax loading kups, and a VaprCase

Davinci IQ
Use code IQEXTRA to get 15% the IQ PLUS a free grinder, free case, and free bubbler

Linx Gaia
20% of the Gaia with code GAIA.

Air XS
20% off the Air XS with code XS