RosinBomb Rocket Rosin Press – Small Cheap Rosin Press for SolventLess Dabs At Home

Cannabis concentrates are great way to get high with cannabis, but most methods of production involve dangerous chemicals acting as a solvent. Plus who REALLY knows how much butane is actually leftover in that $30 gram? Solvent-less Dabs are cannabis concentrates that are made without any additional chemicals or processing. A “Rosin Press” is used … Read more

Stempod Review & Demo – Rebuildable Dry Herb Tank for 510 Mods

The StemPod is the first rebuildable and customizable 510-powered CONVECTION dry herb tank. What makes this different than those shitty Migvapor Sub ohm tanks? It works. Immediately and reliably. It uses hot air to vaporize your weed for the absolute best flavor and maximum vapor production You can rebuild and customize your own convection coils Watch my … Read more

Boundless CFC 2

In today’s livestream, the Boundless crew (now in Oregon) broke out the unreleased CFC2 for a session. The original CFC is an ultra portable dry herb vape that packs a half dozen stoner sessions in an easily pocket-able format. The CFC was originally all convection, but the new iteration brings convection as well removable batteries. … Read more

5 Podcasts Stoners Love

Joe Rogan Experience If you combined Hemingway, Bruce Lee, and Hunter S Thompson you would end up with Joe Rogan. Each week Joe brings a wide spectrum of interesting individuals. Topics range anywhere from psychedelic drugs, ancient civilizations, cannabis prohibition, and the most intimate stories one can ever have. Notable guests include: Joey Diaz Bert Kreischer Rick Ross Graham … Read more