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What’s the Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Dry herb vapes don’t have to be expensive to be good anymore! The end of prohibition and the advancement of technology have opened up the doors for a plethora of affordable weed vapes to slip onto the market.

These are all respectfully cheap dry herb vapes. There’s no junk vapes on this list

Every dry herb vaporizer on this list can be purchased for less than $150. There’s even a $59 vape that I consider a MUST OWN dry herb vape.

These vaporizers will pay for themselves in cannabis savings and efficiency and you’ll be thanking me before you’re finished with your first eighth.

Cheap Vape Breakdown

VapePriceVaporBatteryReview Info
VapCap M – Cheapest Dry Herb Vape$598/10Torch PoweredGHWV VapCaps
Xvape Starry$996/10Removable 18650Starry Review
Boundless CF$1106/10Not RemovableBoundless CF Review
Flowermate V5 Nano$1296.5/10Removable 18650N/A
Xvape FOG$1298/10Removable 18650Fog Review
Arizer Air 1$1318/10Removable 18650Arizer Air Review
Fury 2 – Best Beginner Dry Herb Vape$1399/10Not RemovableFury 2 Video & Review
Pax 2$1495.5/10Not RemovablePax 2 Review
Flowermate V5 Nano - $129

Flowermate V5 Nano – $129

Flowermate was the first reliable budget vape and the V5 Nano is the latest iteration in that classic design. The V5 Nano is a basic conduction vape with full temperature control and a removable 18650 battery.

You’ll get about 5 bowls per charge and each bowl will give you about 8 minutes of vapor.

This vape is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to share. Vapor taste and quality are good enough.

Available at Puffitup and Planet of the Vapes

Fury 2 weed vape review

Fury 2 – $139

The Fury 2 is a powerful little dry herb and concentrate vape by Healthy Rips.  Its hybrid heating offers the most pleasurable vapor of any vape on this list. Watch my Fury 2 review video.

The Fury 2 bowl holds as little as .05 and as much as .2g  – small enough for microdosing and big enough for sharing.

The Fury 2 is available for $139 at Healthy Rips and Puffitup

Arizer Air - $131

Arizer Air – $131

The original Arizer Air may not have the sexy colors and fancy full temp interface as the newest Air II, but it literally vapes exactly the same and there’s really no point in spending the extra money.

The Arizer Air has the lowest maintenance of any vape on this list. The stem packs .1-.2g of dry herb and produces about 10 minutes of vapor.

The Air takes a minute or two to get fully heated and it will take 8+ minutes to fully extract the bowl.

The all glass vapor path produces pure tasting vapor and is incredibly easy to clean.

Available at Puffitup and Planet of the Vapes.

Boundless CF - $110

Boundless CF – $110

The Boundless CF is an easy to use dry herb vape with a larger bowl than the other vapes on this list.

The hybrid conduction/convection oven holds .2 – .5g of dry herb / cannabis and heats up in about 30 seconds. Expect 6 to 9 minutes of thick and tasty vapor.

The Boundless CF is perfect for heavy users, groups, and vapor bonging.

Pick up the CF from Puffitup or Planet of the Vapes

Pax 2 - $149

Pax 2 – $149

It’s slightly odd to refer to the Pax as a budget vape, but with the Pax 3’s recent price drop the Pax 2 has become affordable.

For $150 the Pax 2 is a reliable, stealthy vape that’s easy to use and even easier to hide and carry.

The Pax  2 and 3 produce OK vapor. Definitely lower half of the vapor quality scale compared to other vapes on this list.

Xvape Starry - $99

Xvape Starry – $99

The Xvape Starry is a Pax-Killer. This ONE-HUNDRED DOLLAR vape comes with a nice 4-piece grinder AND a tight-vac dry herb storage container.

The Starry features full temp control, magnetic mouthpiece, and a removable 18650 battery.

I like the vapor from the Starry better than I like the vapor from a Pax. This is a fantastic value from Planet of the Vapes.

VapCap M - $59

VapCap M – $59

The VapCap M is the best dry herb vape less than $100.

You can even pick up an eighth of top-shelf with your leftover money.

The Vapcap M is a portable torch powered vape. It produces some of the quickest and tastiest vapor available.

I consider the VapCap M a must-own vaporizer, as long as you’re comfortable with small pocket-torches.

Vapcap Vaporizers come in a variety of upgrades and options. The VapCap M is the most affordable dry herb vape available.

Xvape FOG - $129

Xvape FOG – $129

The Xvape Fog is the 2nd vape on the budget vape list to utilize convection/hybrid heating.

The vapor from the Fog is more pleasing and more potent than *most* other vapes on this list.

The Fog features a removable 18650 battery and a stainless steel bowl, but it lacks full temperature control and the interface is a bit clunky and primitive.

The Fog has been reduced from $169 to $129.

Flowermate V5s

Flowermate V5s

This is a simple and affordable vaporizer. The glass mouthpiece gives a nice clean flavor and stows away in the bottom of the device for ultimate portability. The oven, or bowl, holds enough flower for 2 or 3 bake-offs for low tolerance users. High tolerance users will still find satisfaction by utilizing the hotter of Flowermates 3 temperature settings, or by vaping 2 or more sessions in a row. The 5.0s rechargeable battery holds enough charge for several days, at several sessions each day. It heats up quickly, is relatively efficient, and produces great vapor flavor.

The Flowermate V5s has been on the market for several years and has proven to be a reliable easy-to-use vape.

It’s a great value at $77 after coupon PUFFEDUP.

Other Cheap Weed Vapes?

There’s a lot of cheap dry herb vapes on the market and most of them are garbage. If it’s not listed above you should probably avoid it – but just in case you have your heart set on a Snoop Dog G-pen, here’s a list of cheap vapes to AVOID.

Gpen Elite – AVOID! The jury is out on this one. Professional reviewers often recommend the Elite despite countless instances of product failures, defects, melt-downs, etc. Hit up any user-based review website and you’ll find thousands of warnings regarding the Gpen Elite. Any positive review of this product should be scrutinized and ignored.

G-Slim Dry Herb Pen – AVOID – “For $25, what do you have to lose!?” the shill reviews often claim. My answer – TWENTY FIVE BUCKS. I got mine for free and it was so bad I went out and bought a 2nd one just to make sure. The regret is very real. Buy a few pre-rolled joints instead.

MegaToke AVOID! – Weedtubers are often recommending this “vape” – which goes to show their lack of credibility. The Megatoke is a combustion device. It heats the weed until it combusts in a controlled environment. Not a vape. Avoid.

Snoop Dogg Gpen – Snoop I love you dog, but this was a tragic error in judgment and a huge step backward for the dry herb vape market. This COMBUSTION DEVICE has left a bad taste in the mouths of eager-to-vape cannabis users who blindly trusted a rapper.