Getting High With Vapes – Dynavap Vapcap Edition

In this special episode of Getting High With Vapes, I start high and get even higher with my selection of Vapcap vaporizers.

This was an unplanned, unscripted video. After shooting some Boundless Tera updates, I was high as balls from all of the Sativa. It was past 2am and I needed some heavy indica to finish the night. Perfect scenario for some Vapcap stoner time.

I reached for the vapcap(s) because they’re more of a full extraction vape. The torching process if meditative and relaxing and the vapor is perfect.

Items Featured in The Video

VapCap OG – The first generation of the VapCap released around 2016

2017 VapCap M – One of the most popular and well known vaporizers from DynaVap: VapCap M! There are still some 2017 versions of the VapCap available at Puffitup and

2018 VapCap M – An upgraded version of the popular M. The 2018 VapCap M features bevelled grip, and an improved carb.

The M is available directly from
As well as:

Nonavong Darkwood XLS  – One of the higher end vapes from Dynavap, the Nanovong Darkwood XLS has 9 sides! George specifically designed the vape to have so many sides so that it would be more ergonomically easier to hold, AND so it wouldn’t roll if placed horizontally. Another nice feature is the textured grip near the carb.

Grinder – Interplanetary Development Super Weapon II (pink)

Torch – zico t38

I Want to Hear From You

Thank you for watching the Dynavap edition of GHWV. I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment bellow. Which Dynavap vaporizer is your favorite? How many do you have? How do you store them?

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8 thoughts on “Getting High With Vapes – Dynavap Vapcap Edition”

  1. I sent Youtube an email asking them to reconsider your ban. I didnt ever see anything other than educational information in your videos – that help people during a time for which misinformation is present everywhere. Your video reviews are the most legit of the reviews that I have seen (even if you are mighty biased) lol.

    I think people like you need to continue this work – as people like us in Ohio are legally required to vape….. and our oils are crap…. So we have to vape herb. I want to purchase some vapes, but dont want crap. I myself am thinking the newvape flowerpot but still havent been able to decide on a portable. The mighty just doesnt get hot enough to toast the herb to the lvl I would want. 🙁

  2. Hey Troy, un bonjour du Québec (that’s in Canada).

    I dicover your website last week and
    I love your vids.

    I wanted to your vapcap video again (fot the third time) but it was gone with the wind, no more vapery goodness on big brother… I mean YT (gang de trou de cul).

    So here I am.

    Please, continue to make videos, you are the best vape reviwer on the web and the most honnest and unbiased.

    Oh, please excuse my bad english, I’m freanch-canadian.

  3. I wanted to know what temperature Is the Dinacap vaping the herb at. Have you ever put a thermometer on it? And what temperature does the vape feel like compared to other portable vapes. Thanx for your vids. Troy

  4. No need to answer last queshtion saw a dynavap video. It said 150 c at tip, 170-190 @ middle, and 200 c @ bottom of cap when torched

  5. Hey Troy. Sorry to see your channel, and others, disappear from the ‘tube. Bummer. I really enjoyed your vids. You crack me up!

  6. Hi I’m from Poland and I very like your video. I would like to see one more time your films about Boundless Tera but I can’t find on youtube 🙁

  7. i learnt so much from you in the use of portable herbal vapes. your vids are full of useful practical info and advice. was shocked to not see you on yt – there is so much disgusting filth on there that they would zone in on you because of cannabis? speaks for itself. anyway, your followers found you. you helped me decide, “helped” not “bent my will”, to get a dv iq and a vapcap. the latter from one of the comments. i learnt a lot from people’s comments and your guidance. a lot of us appreciate what you do. thank you so much

    • Thank you so much Marisa!! Your words describe exactly what I have set out to do. Thank you for commenting and finding me after the youtube drama 🙂


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