RELOADED: Getting High With Vapes – Dynavap Vapcap Edition

April 6, 2021 – I’ve re-edited this video and re-launched it on you 3rd Youtube channel. I didn’t add anything to it, but I tightened it up and added a few citations. I can’t embed it because it’s age-restricted. Watch it here.

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In this special episode of Getting High With Vapes, I start high and get even higher with my selection of Vapcap vaporizers.

This was an unplanned, unscripted video. After shooting some Boundless Tera updates, I was high as balls from all of the Sativa. It was past 2am and I needed some heavy indica to finish the night. Perfect scenario for some Vapcap stoner time.

I reached for the vapcap(s) because they’re more of a full extraction vape. The torching process if meditative and relaxing and the vapor is perfect.

Items Featured in The Video

VapCap OG – The first generation of the VapCap released around 2016

2017 VapCap M – One of the most popular and well known vaporizers from DynaVap: VapCap M! There are still some 2017 versions of the VapCap available at Puffitup and

2018 VapCap M – An upgraded version of the popular M. The 2018 VapCap M features bevelled grip, and an improved carb.

The M is available directly from
As well as:

Nonavong Darkwood XLS  – One of the higher-end vapes from Dynavap, the Nanovong Darkwood XLS has 9 sides! George specifically designed the vape to have so many sides so that it would be more ergonomically easier to hold, AND so it wouldn’t roll if placed horizontally. Another nice feature is the textured grip near the carb.

Grinder – Interplanetary Development Super Weapon II (pink)

Torch – Zico t38

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