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Boundless CFV vs Flowermate SWIFT Pro: WTF is the difference?

If you’re looking for a new convection vaporizer and are having trouble deciding between getting the Boundless CFV or Flowermate SWIFT Pro, then you’ve come to the right place. Right off the bat let me say both units are essentially the same device. Both units perform exactly the same, even the mouthpieces have the same airflow, the main difference between the two are the outer shell and USB location. The CFV has ridges and lines on the outside of the unit. The SWIFT has a softer satin like finish to it (it also comes in my favorite color: GREEN!)

As mentioned above the CFV has a USB port located next to the front display. The SWIFT has a USB port located at the bottom of the device. This wasn’t a huge deal breaker for me, but it does make charging it slightly more annoying. I like to stand my vapes upright while they charge, as this takes up less room on my narrow bookshelf.


CFV shell is slightly more grippy because of the contours. This is awesome when you’re going snowboarding and need as much grip as possible. The extra grip also means getting the vape out of your pocket a little trickier.

The Red CFV has a really nice finish. It almost feels soft and silky.

SWIFT is easier to pocket and remove from pocket. All of its edges are slightly rounded and it’s very comfy to hold. I like the shape of the swift mouthpiece. It’s 12mm wide at the tip, vs 14mm of the CFV. Very small difference though.

Flowermate SWIFT Pro

The front of the SWIFT Pro has the logo printed on it. The mouthpiece swivels out.

CFV vs SWIFT Accessories

Both products come with the same accessories and chamber rings; however, the SWIFT also comes with a little velvet-like bag.

Flowermate SWIFT Pro what's in the box


The warranty on the CFV is 3 years, while the SWIFT is 1 year.

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