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Boundless Unveils 3 New Units

Boundless is back on the radar with 2 new units promised in today’s weekly livestream.

In true stereotypical stoner fashion, the livestream putzed around for 40 minutes before actually delivering the goods.

They also underpromised and over delivered, so I suppose I can let it pass this time.

CFX 2.0!

– Adjustable convection/conduction ratio
– upgraded battery (3300 or 3600mah)
– 3 designs (including gunmetal)
– release October
– same oven depth
– updateable firmware
– usb C
– fixed battery *sad trombone*
– no DC port

The adjustable convection/conduction system looks promising. Multiple manufacturers are working on units with this feature, it will be interesting to see how each one varies. I’m disappointed to see the lack of replaceable battery, but I understand their reasoning.

Boundless Desktop Unit

– full convection
– multiple whip
– forced air / bag
– eventual portable expansion
– By end of 2017
– self contained

This unit looks fucking sick. Self-contained, sleek and sexy. The Mighty is my current home use device simply because no desktop unit looks acceptable on my coffee table. This unit solves that problem.

Randall also shared a new treat. A full convection portable that boasts replaceable dual 18650 batteries and an aluminum body with luxury grip material options.

Full Convection Portable – CFV replacement
– aluminum shell
– glass mouthpiece
– TWO 18650 replaceable batteries

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  • Singhao Kailawn May 20, 2017, 7:03 am

    Looks sleek as h*ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☻☺

  • Jay October 15, 2017, 9:01 pm

    I am not putting anything aluminum anywhere near my mouth. People have aluminum allergies. With such a high price point, they should at least have quality materials. There are way lower priced devices that come with better.

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