Airvape Vaporizers

Airvape has a nice line-up of portable dry herb vaporizers including the Legacy PRO, Airvape X, and Airvape XS GO. I’ve been using and testing several of their vaporizers for a number of years and I’ve always been happy with the quality of their products.

A couple of years ago I reviewed the OG Airvape Legacy and gave it some harsh criticism. Airvape worked with me and took my complaints back to their engineers. In 2022 Airvape launched the revised Airvape Legacy PRO – a new version of the Legacy vape with several great improvements.

Airvape X dry herb vaporizer is super thin and available in blue or black.

Airvape X


Benefits: Quick heat-up, tasty vapor, easy interface

Features: Ceramic oven with hybrid conduction+convection heating. Ultra-thin design slips into any pocket. 1300 mah internal battery provides several bowls per charge.

The Airvape X is a decent dry herb vape for beginners and casual smokers looking to vaporize their cannabis instead of combusting with smelly joints and blunts. The Airvape X uses a hybrid conduction convection heater for fast and efficient vaporization of your herbs. The Airvape X bowl holds about .25g and will give you 7-20 tasty clouds of vapor. The Airvape X has full temperature control so can customize your vape temps.

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Battery-powered vapes with hybrid heating are in their heyday right now! This technology mimics the heaters used in top-of-their-class vaporizers like the Mighty+ vaporizer from Storz & Bickel.

Other budget vaporizers that also utilize hybrid heating and have temperature control are the Healthy Rips Rogue and Fury Edge vaporizers.  Both of these vapes offer a simpler bowl interface and better vapor, but in a less sexy design.

If you’re looking for improved vapor and the tastiest terps, look to the Xmax V3 Pro. It’s full convection with a removable battery and one of the best budget vapes available.

Airvape Legacy Pro

Airvape Legacy Pro

Benefits: Super tasty vapor that’s potent and cool, sleek interface makes vaping weed on the go easy and fun

Features:  Gold plated bowl, on-demand and session modes, full convection heating, digital temperature display and interface,  removable airpath, removable battery

The Airvape Legacy Pro is the classiest vape in Airvape’s lineup. The Legacy Pro, or ALP for short, is a full convection vape for dry herbs and concentrates. The ALP has a removable battery and removable glass vapor path to compliment its gold-plated bowl and black ceramic zirconia mouthpiece! The ALP has full temperature control and a sleek display. The body of the vaporizer also includes built-in wireless charging!

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The Airvape Legacy Pro packs a lot of features and a lot of functions for less than the cost of the Mighty+, which remains the #1 best portable herb vape. The Mighty+ is more expensive($296) and it doesn’t have removable batteries or on-demand usage.

The Mighty+ wins at just puffing on bowls. If you want to vape 5-8 bowls per day while living your life, the Mighty vape may serve you better.

If you’re looking for On-Demand vapes, the TinyMight2 is my favorite. Like the Airvape Legacy Pro, the Tinymight also has a removable battery and an easy-to-clean stem. The Tinymight2 is $350 and ships from Finland.

Airvape XS Go

Airvape XS Go


Benefits: tiny dry herb vape with simple interface

Features:  hybrid conduction convection heating, 1200mAh battery, five vape temperature modes, micro-USB charging

The Airvape XS Go is a surprisingly capable micro-vape. It’s the size of a thumb drive or USB battery keychain and its simple interface makes it easy to carry and share. The XS Go is cheap enough to carry to a concert and not be heartbroken if some power-tripping security guard takes it away. The Airvape XS go is the smallest vape Airvape makes. It’s nothing remarkable, but there aren’t a lot of vapes in this class.

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