Crafty+ Vaporizer

The Crafty+ is a pocket-sized vaporizer that offers the same luxurious vapor as the Mighty and Volcano vaporizers.

Super fast heatup and super simple interface

With a Bluetooth-enabled customization interface, the Crafty+ features multiple customizable temperature modes

Mighty OG (Mighty Vape)

Mighty OG


Thick Tasty Vapor

Convection hybrid heating

Super Simple Interface

German-made medical grade

8 bowls per charge

Mighty+ (Mighty Plus) Vaporizer

Mighty+ Vaporizer


USB-C Fast Charging

Thick fluffy vapor clouds

8+ bowls per charge

Ceramic lined chamber

On body temp control

Crafty+ Vape (Crafty Plus)

Crafty+ Vaporizer


USB-C Charging

Thick fluffy vapor

4-6 bowls per charge

Bluetooth app enabled

Ceramic lined herb chamber

How to use the Crafty+ Vaporizer

1. Load herbs into Vape

The Crafty+ bowl holds .15g-.25g of dry herb, ground or whole-nug.

2. Heat Up the Crafty

Turn your vape on and wait for it to heatup. The Crafty+ heats up in about a minute

3. Vape that weed!

The Crafty+ session will last 3 – 6 minutes and fully extract your bowl in 5 – 12 full draws or hits.

4. Empty the Vape

Dump your spent weed, or ABV/AVB .
Some choose to eat their ABV because it still contains THC and cannabinoids!

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