Ultimate Dynavap Buying Guide 2022

The Dynavap Vapcap is a must-have accessory for any cannabis connoisseur. 

This tiny dry herb vaporizer is a battery-free and smoke-free way to weed.

The Dynavap Vapcap is one of the most affordable dry herb vaporizers available and one of my absolute favorites. It’s a simple vaporizer with a familiar ritual. Pack the little bowl just like you’d pack a one-hitter. Heat the tip with a little lighter, the vapcap protects your herb from the flame. When it *clicks* – it’s ready to hit. Put it to your lips and hit that shit!

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2023 Dynavap M+

New for 2023 - the Dynavap M+ (M Plus)

New for 2023 and inspired by the evolution of the Dynaverse, the Dynavap M Plus (M+) is designed to vape the whole bowl with a single heat-up. The finless tip has tiny round indentations and a perfectly angled surface to aim your torch towards.

The M Plus changes may seem small to a machine, but these steps are potentially huge for Dynavap. Time will tell if this is a pivot or a stride. See the complete Dynavap M Plus coverage to understand all of the differences between the M Plus and standard M.

Dynavap Vapcap M

The #1 most popular Dynavap vaporizer, the Vapcap M is a 100% stainless steel personal vape that retails for $79. The Vapcap M shook the dry herb vape scene and took it for a battery-free ride with this budget-friendly torch-powered device.

The Vapcap M is one of the smallest sleekest dry herb vapes available and it’s also one of the cheapest. Starting at a mere $79, it shares my #1 pick for the Best Budget Vape

Dynavap Vapcap M

Dynavap currently offers SIX unique vaporizers.

All 6 of these pocket-sized vapes function exactly the same, but each delivers a different experience and set of features.

Dynavap tips are interchangeable and there are tens of thousands of unique Dynavap stems and other Dynavap Accessories available.

Dynavap Buyers Guide: Which Dynavap Vapcap is right for you?

Dynavap “B” – $49


Benefits: Simplest Dynavap available, no tedious O-rings Best Micro-Dosing Vaporizer

Features: Stainless-Steel half-bowl tip, silicone outer body, 100% stainless steel vapor path.

The “B” is the Dynavap for you if you’re on a Budget or if you’re a Beginner or if you have Boobs or Balls! You won’t find a better, cheaper dry herb vaporizer.

Dynavap Ms

Dynavap “M” – Starting at $79


Benefits: The Dynavap M is sleek and sexy. The all-metal design will literally last a lifetime.

Features: Stainless-Steel tip with a carve-grind edge, textured and contoured stainless stem, and vapor path.

The Dynavap M is perfect for any level of vaporist, including beginners as well as seasoned vape users. The M can be upgraded with a Titanium tip or even a longer condenser and spinning mouthpiece.
You can use the Dynavap Vapcap M through a bong or bubbler you will need the 
fatty mouthpiece or a WPA .

Dynavap Vong

Dynavap Vong – $135 – $180


Benefits: Funnest Dynavap to hold and pass, plus it fits 14mm female glass bongs! 

Features: Titanium and wood, upgradeable and customizable mid-section. 14mm male mouthpiece, titanium tip for faster heat-up/cooldown.

The Vong is hella fun to hold, carry, hit, and share. The mouthpiece and body are thicker than the other Dynavap stems and it feels more substantial in between the fingers. This is the one to get if you plan to vape through a bong!

Dynavap Omni

Dynavap Omni


Benefits: The absolute NICEST Dynavap experience you can have. The Omni is cool and classy.

Features: Long and lightweight titanium stem. Twisted titanium cooling condenser with a built-in adjustable airflow mouthpiece

The Omnivap line of vaporizers is made of lightweight titanium and includes a matching mouthpiece and condenser. The mouthpiece of the Omnivap can be twisted to adjust the default carb airflow.

The Omni is the longest and the lightest of the lineup. It’s a classy and luxurious vaping experience and one of my most reached-for Dynavap stems.

Dynavap BB Stems

Dynavap BB Stems – $65 and up


Benefits: All glass Dynavap stem with cooling nipples and beads. 

Features: The Dynavap BB stems don’t have a metal condenser so the vapor is a bit more direct. The balls and nipples cool the vapor and will quickly be coated in gooey reclaim.

The Dynavap BB stems are available in three different sizes and two fun colors.

The BB3 has three blue glass beads and a 10mm male water pipe adapter mouthpiece. The BB6 and BB9 have 6/9 blue balls and will fit both a 10mm and 14mm female bong. BB stems come in pink or grey glass, with stainless steel tips.

The Dynavap vaporizer is modular and the tip size is standard. Not only are the parts mostly interchangeable, there are several artisans making custom stems, mouthpieces, cases, and even induction heaters for the vapcap!

Learn how to use and master the Dynavap vapcap in my FREE Dynavap Masterclass. I’ll teach you everything you need to know, and probably a few things you wish you knew sooner!

Dynavap History

Dynavap has been a key player in the dry herb vape space. Community member theneighborhoodskunk built and maintains this extensive history page.

There’s a plethora of ways to accessorize your Dynavap – from stashes to stems. Cases and torches are must-have accessories.

Go TORCH-LESS with Dynavap Induction heaters! There are several options available and community member ChillMike put together this list of portable induction heaters.

Dynacoil with dab in the Vapcap M from Dynavap

Dynavap with Concentrates?

The Dynavap is primarily an herb vape but can be used with dabs and concentrates as well. I like adding a little dab packed in the center of a flower bowl. I’ll load some herb, and then my dab, and then a little more herb on top to cover the sticky. You can go beyond the click and get a super punchy vapor with this technique – it’s called “sandwiching” your dabs.

Dynavap also makes an accessory to convert the Dynavap tip to a concentrates-only vaporizer. The Dynavap Dynacoil is a wound mesh of titanium custom designed to optimize the Dynavap heating chamber.

The Dynavap Vapcap is one of the simplest, most effective, and most influential dry herb thermal extraction devices available.
Small and precise enough for microdosing, the Dynavap Vapcap still packs enough punch to medicate daily users.
See the Dynavap 101 for the ultimate guide to the Dynaverse

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