Mighty Vaporizer Accessories

Troy and Jerry recently spent two whole live streams dedicated to the Mighty – and they could easily spend two more. We covered all of the best, and the worst Mighty accessories in the stream, here’s a cut video highlighting just the portion where we talk about accessories. The Mighty is the best weed vaporizers … Read more

Firewood 5 Concentrates Hack – Vape Wax in the FW5

The Firewood 5 is an incredible on-demand dry herb vaporizer with FIVE BOWLS to get you through the day. With a gorgeous wooden body and a removable 18650 battery, the Firewood 5 is a fantastic weed vape at the $220 price point. The Firewood 5 is designed for dry herb/cannabis, but with this simple modification … Read more

Boundless TERA Mouthpiece Mods – Solo Stem Mod + Wooden WPA

boundless tera mouthpiece mods

The Boundless TERA is an extremely powerful dry herb vaporizer. It’s a convection powered vape capable of massive vapor clouds and lung-busting bong rips. Some prefer to eliminate the plastic mouthpiece from the Tera and improve the vapor path. There are two easy options for this. The first uses a type of glass stem from … Read more

Glass Spacers for the Davinci IQ

The Davinci IQ has a hefty sized bowl capable of consuming 0.3-0.5g of dry herb. The large bowl comes in handy when I’m on the go and packing frequent bowls would be inconvenient. However, not every situation requires half a gram of weed. Davinci thought of this and created the Glass Spacers. What is the … Read more

Are Mighty Dosing Capsules Good For Snowboarding?

Last season I went snowboarding with a variety of different vapes and picked my 5 favorite weed vapes to take snowboarding. This season I’ve been snowboarding almost exclusively with my Mighty vaporizer. Naturally, I’m always looking for ways to improve the experience. I decided my trip to Mammoth would be the perfect place to test the … Read more

How to use a Pax 3 with a bong

The Pax 3 and Pax 2 are the most popular weed vaporizers available. Although many people have purchased these vapes, only a fraction have actually experienced the full potential of their Pax vapes. For best results, one should run the Pax through a bong or a water pipe. Using a Pax 3 with a bong … Read more

Boundless CFV Mouthpiece Mods

The CFV has been out for two weeks and we’ve got a couple of mods for it already! (Available now at puffiup) First, to fix the airflow leaks in the mouthpiece assembly: Disassembly the whole mouthpiece assembly. Remove the silicon o-ring. Replace with a #10 o-ring from your favorite local hardware store. It’s probably best to … Read more

Boundless CF/CFX – Screen Honey / Reclaim

honey / reclaim on the screen of a Boundless CF Vaporizer

After doing both of the Boundless CF / CFX screen mods, I realized that the screen INSIDE the mouthpiece assembly does a great job of catching reclaim. And with the bucket screen in place, the reclaim on the internal screen stays incredibly clean. This is my screen after about a week of HEAVY use. Most … Read more