Lift Innovations Grinder Review

The Lift grinder uses a rotating stainless steel blade and matching stainless steel cutting deck to grind your nugs. The Lift grinder is easy to use and provides a smooth experience. While the Lift Innovations grinder is not my favorite, it’s still a good grinder with a few unique characteristics. The Lift is currently unavailable … Read more

Tinymight Vape Review

The Tinymight is the Sylvester Stallone of dry herb vapes. 4 foot nothing, but built like a brick shit house and will lay you out on your ass if you think you’re going to step sideways. The Tinymight is a full-convection portable herb vape with on-demand functionality and a removable 18650 battery. Housed in oak … Read more


The Rosinbomb Rocket is too small, but it’s certainly capable as long as you jump through the right hoops and stay within this tiny rosin press’s limitations. In this video I squish some rosin using my homegrown cannabis. There’s a shorter version of this video on youtube. Tips for getting maximum rosin yield Start with … Read more

Tectonic9 Review – The Vibrating Weed Grinder

This is an interesting weed grinder from Cloudious9, the same company that brought us the crazy vape with the built in bubbler. This time Cloudious has combined a grinder with a vibrator and a windowed-weed-dispenser! The Tectonic9 grinder is micro-usb powered, but the grinder itself is still an old-fashioned aluminum tooth weed grinder. The power … Read more

Pucc Grinder Review

The Pucc Grinder is a thread-less weed grinder that’s less than fifty bucks! The Pucc is a perfectly compact 2.1″ – small enough to be considered small, but big enough to stay on a desk and serve its purpose. Over the years I’ve developed a set of criteria for testing and comparing weed grinders. I … Read more