*LIMITED EDITION* 420vapezone Debowlers Available NOW

I’ve collaborated with NeedleDrop Debowlers and Puffitup to offer these LIMITED EDITION debowlers! Each debowler is HAND MADE with an upcycled vinyl record. They’re heated and hand-shaped to a perfect desktop debowler size. The art was drawn by my 16 year old daughter! Available @Puffitup Tshirts Too In addition to these debowlers, I have t-shirts … Read more

Introducing Vape Church 2.0 – Episode 1 – What Does Cannabis Mean to You?

This week we’re launching Vape Church 2.0. We changed it up last week and took the sesh private. It was a much more intimate conversation and the participants all felt more comfortable. How Vape Church 2.0 Works: We’re now talking topics. Each week will have a dedicated topic to discuss. The session will be private … Read more

Cooking With Cannabis Concentrates: Making SUPER POTENT Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana edibles are a great way to medicate and the high is considerably different than vaping or smoking. Unfortunately, my tolerance is high and cannabis edibles are limited to 100mg doses in California – Enough for a good buzz, but I want to get blitzed. Making your own marijuana edibles at home is easy, but … Read more

Vaporizing CBD Flower while HIGH

vaping CBD flower while high

CBD Flower is growing in popularity now that hemp has been legalized in the USA. I’ve been vaping CBD flower regularly now for a few months. One of the most frequently asked questions about CBD flower relates to the CBD effects on a person who is already intoxicated and high (on thc / normal marijuana) … Read more

CannaImpact.co / Quant Vapor ripped me off

Oren Todoros (orent@cannaimpact.co) representing Quant Vapors reached out and offered $30 to post a press release about their vape. It was oil pod related, relevant enough. So I posted it.  I even made it look nice. But they never paid me. Despite several emails and “i’ll have my team follow up” nonsense. What a crook. … Read more

Patreon, Youtube, and other updates

It’s been a crazy summer! Youtube deleted my channel back in May and they seem adamant about keeping me suspended – despite allowing toxic cannabis creators to thrive on. I’ve since created a new channel; however, I am treating the new channel differently. Expect a variety of content beyond vapes and vape reviews. I plan … Read more

High Times is Going Public!

As cannabis shakes off the final grasps of prohibition, the emerging cannabis industry is poised to blast off. Forbes forecasts the North American cannabis industry going from $9.2 billion in 2017 to $47.3 billion by 2027. One of the most well-known industry leaders, High Times, is positioning themselves to take full advantage of this emerging … Read more