Boundless Livestream 10-12-16

cfc next to boundless CF
Eric shows off the upcoming CFC next to the CF

Long sleeves today, SoCal is getting chilly (<70F).

Aaron and Bree join the livestream with Randall and Eric. Lots of shoutouts to 420vapezone today, thanks guys!

Randall is promising that ALL 2nd rendition products will have removable battery.

Livestream might be on friday if they get new shipment in early enough. Otherwise they’ll do one on Monday.

Things stated about products:

Boundless CFV:
– possible CFV mouthpiece improvements coming. If they put out an improved mouthpiece, all owners will receive the part for free
– next version WILL have removable battery
– aluminum ring conduction ring coming out (I’ve tried this, it ROCKS)
– capsules coming soon, based on thread in chamber

CFX and CF:
– possibly going full convection?
– next version WILL have removable battery
– Limited editions coming soon (~100), wooden outer, etc

– coming about 2 weeks later than expected
– CFV pre-orders will ship first (approximately Nov 15)
– available for purchase in December
– 140-446F
– ceramic bowl
– 2nd rendition will have removable battery

Wax Device:
– still un-named
– no pre-order planned
– launching SOON