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Boundless Vapes Livestream 11/9/2016

New website is pretty much ready, but there are issues with the payment system.
Boundless is also renaming to steer clear of potential legal/tax issues in California.

Custom bubblers with a 22mm female mount, which will perfectly fit the WPA and sit flush around the top of each unit.
There will be a bubbler for the CF, CFX, CFV, and even the CFC.

Boundless CF, CFX, CFV & Product Material Safety
They have full product material safety tests

– Replacement Mouthpieces are shipping now
available on Puffitup NOW!
– all metal chamber will be available by Christmas
– micro bubbler will be available by Christmas, but only for the CFV (will not fit CF/CFX)
– white CFV coming soon

Preorder No later than Nov 15, Shipping December 1

Preorder No later than Nov 15

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