Boundless Vapes – Livestream 12/12/16

You missed a 40 minute vapor filled livestream. This week we have Damien, Casey, Aaron, Randall, Eric, and Bree.

8 updates today, WOOOO they have notes!!

2:40 – First round of the CFC Pre-order is over. Price is going up to $89. PoV is doing one more pre-order wave, vaposhop for Euro options
4:24 – 710 pre-order: will come in silver or black. Pre-order is exclusive to Dates and shipments are still being finalized. MSRP is $120, pre-order will be $89.
9:10 – first dab of the vid with the CF 710. This dab is using the ceramic heating tip (wrapped in stainless steel coil). A 2nd tip is included, dual quartz.
13:55 – New mouthpiece concepts for the CFV
16:00 – – cool new site for weed industry stuff as well as weed related deals
17:45 – What happened to the metal CFV chambers? Oh yeah, they forgot all about them. They’re ready, they’ll get them out to distributors ASAP.
18:35 – More about CFV mouthpieces. Randall mentions options for a wooden CFV mouthpiece as well as glass, teflon, etc.
19:23 – breakdown of CF710.
23:14 – close up version of the CF710 parts breakdown
28:38 – The Boundless CF and CFX were featured in Strain Central’s Stoner Gift Guide as well as 420Science’s.
30:07 – Contest! Boundless has 3000 units with upgraded screens. They’re going to do limited edition runs with different materials, etc. The video cut out a bit and I’m not completely sure what the details are.