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Boundless Vapes Livestream Recap – October-17-16

boundless-10-17CFV Updates
– two new mouthpieces, not sure of which will ship
(by end of stream, everyone agreed on sample #7 for the new mouthpiece)
– People will mouthpiece issues will have replacements in ~2 weeks
– one fix is o-ring
– other fix is mouthpiece tip
– keep chamber ring tight to seal airflow
– aluminum ring coming soon
– US based retailers haven’t shipped yet due to mouthpiece changes
CFV Review Here (work in progress)

CFC Updates
– Preorders will get it early november
– Available early December for rest of the world

Wax Device Updates
– still no name
– not going to be a “CF”

Other Updates:
– no livestream on wednesday, maybe one on friday
– showing off digital CFC next time

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