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Boundless Vapes News 9/12/16 – LiveStream Recap

Bree Girl, Randall, Eric

Bree, Randall, Eric – probably about [9]

In case you missed today’s livestream from Boundless Vapes, here’s a quick run-down of what went down.

Boundless CFV

The Boundless CFV, a 100% convection portable vaporizer is coming soon.
– Preorder Dates will be September 25th – 30th
– Preorders will recieve a free CFC (new ultraportable conduction unit)
– Preorders will receive free Boundless Vapes shirt
– CFV Will ship with a loading funnel, 4 rings (two wood, two quartz) (in the box)

Additional ring materials will be available for purchase at launch time. Materials mentioned: Gold, steel, ceramic

From last week's livestream, Randall demonstrates the upcoming CFC

From last week’s livestream, Randall demonstrates the upcoming CFC

Boundless CFC

(CF Compact) A palm-sized conduction vaporizer that is coming very soon.
– promises ~15 sessions on a single charge
– isolated airpath
– 4 minute shutoff
– no haptic feedback
– same user interface as CF
– $75 w/3 year warranty
– single 18650 battery (trying to make removable)
– charges in about 2 hours
– ranges from 355 – 430 (in 15 degree increments)

Randall showing off a 'mystery vape' - not a Boundless product.

Randall showing off a ‘mystery vape’ – not a Boundless product.

Other News
– Rewards program coming soon
– street team members get double rewards
– new website coming soon
– working on a desktop vaporizer
– possibly moving to Seattle

The Boundless crew has returned from China with some fresh updates on their upcoming products. They hungout online for an hour and eleven minutes and vaped about a half dozen bowls. They demonstrated the CF, CFV, and CFX through a Heady waterpipe, as well as the CF Hybrid and some mystery vape that wasn’t spoken about much.

They also gave out several vaporizers, so make sure you tune in next week. See you on the moon!

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  • Mercenarie September 14, 2016, 9:21 pm

    Thanks for the Recap, I missed it and watched it again. But it is hard to listen to everything when the stream is like an hour long. One question tho, do you know with the preorder, when we will be receiving the vape? I know release date is October 1st, they will get shipped that day right ??

    • Troy September 14, 2016, 9:54 pm

      I just spoke with Eric over at Boundless. Right now they’re planning on shipping pre-orders on the 3rd, which is the first Monday after pre-order end.

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