Puffco Peak Insert Comparison: Quartz vs SIC vs Ceramic vs Titanium

The Puffco Peak is still the most popular electronic dab rig on the market. Its worldwide success has led to an array of aftermarket accessories and upgrades – like these new Puffco Peak inserts from Cream City Vapes! Cream City Vapes sent me their selection of Puffco Peak inserts to test and compare. They sell … Read more

LIVESTREAM: California Recreational Cannabis: $50 Eighth VS $50 HALF OZ

In this comparison, I get high as balls vaping on the Volcano Hybrid for science. (if you use that link, use code S&B15 to save 15%) I compare a top-shelf eighth of top-shelf cannabis with a $50 half-ounce of pre-ground cannabis. Top Shelf Contender: Triple Seven LA – Black Jack At $49 an eighth, this … Read more

Davinci IQ vs Davinci MiQro

Davinci has been making dry herb vaporizers for many years and the IQ has been one of the best ultraportable weed vapes since it came out two years ago. The Miqro has inherited many of the same great features in 33% smaller vaporizer, but the size isn’t the only thing the Miqro left behind. What’s … Read more

Volcano Vaporizer VS Ditanium Desktop Vape + Enail: Desktop Vape Comparison

In this session video I compare the Volcano Classic with the Ditanium dual purpose desktop vape/enail. The Volcano is a bag/balloon vape only, and it’s going to set you back $410 after a 15% discount (code 420vapezone) The Ditanium is a dry herb vape and enail that uses a whip to direct draw or connect … Read more