Eaze Review: Grape Jelly by Lolo Farms

Eaze is a cannabis delivery service in California offering recreational and medicinal marijuana to anyone in the state. Eaze uses a network of dispensaries and delivery drivers for the fulfillment, so the menu varies a bit – but most brands and consistently available throughout California.

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Vape used in video: Boundless Tera ($199)

Lolo Flower Grape Jelly – The Nugs

Lolo Farms Grape Jelly - Cannabis from Eaze Delivery

The Grape Jelly 8th arrived with more than just these two nugs, but I only managed to save two for the picture – that’s a good sign.

The nugs of Grape Jelly were all medium-sized nugs with a nice velvet-like feel of trichome fur on the surface. They were trimmed tight and the nugs were dense with minimal spongy-ness.

The Smell & Taste

With a nose directly in the bag, there’s a strong grape / purply smell with a secondary aroma of baked goods or sweet pastries. I love the smell. It’s not super loud or gassy, but it smells great.

Vaping at lower temperatures bring out more of the sweet flavors, although the grape taste comes through at all temperature settings in my experience.

I don’t taste much of the pastry notes that I pick up while sniffing the nugs, but there are some earthy and savory notes expressed at higher temperatures or later in the vape session.

The Effects

I like the effects! They’re not particular or specific for me to say it’s especially good for one reason over any other. I consider this a generic marijuana high. I’m not tired or hungry after smoking this. Nor am I overly hungry or creative or any other attribute. It’s just a nice high.

Grape Jelly strain review - Eaze Delivery