Fun stuff happening this week!

I put out a rosin squishing tips video with my Rosinbomb Rocket on monday, I don’t recommend that little rosin press, but it’s what I have to live with right now.

My Herb Ripper 2.0 review is out! It’s the only stainless steel herb grinder I have that’s worth using. While the Herb Ripper won’t be replacing the Brilliant Cut as my preferred grinder, I’m going to keep it in my rotation to do a long term comparison.

I also launched my Tinymight vape review. The Tinymight is a powerful handheld dry herb vape and probably my most requested review over the last 8 months. I like this vape a lot, but it’s not for everyone, and it’s not really in my reach or rotation.

The newest Dynavap stem maker on the scene is Artisans Daughter. It’s a great story and the stems are incredible. back online?

Haze Vaporizers went out of business more than a year ago, but recently their website url came back online as a run-of-the-mill online vape store – selling a full line-up of shitty vapes.

haze vaporizers fake website

It looks like the original Haze Vapes guy sold the domain to one of those distributors who has 39 different websites that all sell the same shit but link to eachother in unique ways for “good SEO”.

Stick to Puffitup or Planet of the Vapes. This new Haze vape store looks shady AF.

RastaBuddhaTao For Sale

RBT is for sale again! Comes with stuff!

vape company RBT for sale

New Glass Stems from Dynavap

Dynavap launched the BB3 stems for their popular vapcap vaporizer. The BB3 stem is a glass stem with glass cooling nipples and 3 glass cooling beads inside. The mouthpiece is a native 10mm male joint, which makes the BB3 a wonderful accessory for connecting your Dynavap Vapcap to a bong or bubbler.

Dynavap BB3 glass stem