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Surprise Boundless Livestream 11/21

"I'mmmm soooo highh right meow", Randall

“I’mmmm soooo highh right meow”, Randall

Aaron and Damien join Randall and Eric this monday. A new video intro is present and Randall is already giving Eric shit about his bowl packing abilities

The spread of the table consists of a CFC, CF, CFVs, a CFX and a CF Hybrid.
The guys vaped a shit-ton. I tried to keep up, but couldn’t.

Website update:
– still having issues, not live yet
– merchant problems related to sales/paraphenalia

– (mumbles about social media something)

CFC: (more info about Boundless CFC)
– available starting TODAY at planetofthevapes for pre-order (exclusive)

CF Hybrid
– comments about how people are sleeping on it. Has better airflow and removable battery.
He’s right. The CF Hybrid is a great vape. I think the reason I don’t use it is because the chamber is half the size of the CF and CFX.
Read the full CF Hybrid Review.

Mini Bubbler
– coming sooooon. Randall is waiting on glass man apparently
It looks like the mini bubbler really rips. All the guys were coughing from the CFX through the mini bubbler.

Questions asked in livestream:
Will we be able to get the microbubbler before christmas? Still less than $50?
Answer: With the change of retail on the site, this is a challenge. Should still be available before Christmas, and definitely less than $50
Q: Will CFV buyers get a discount towards CFC?
A: Yes, buy from planetofthevapes.com now, it’s better than the price Boundless would have offered
Q: Something about e-juice….
A: Tasty Puff
Q: Does the CFC fast charge like the CFV?
A: Yes, charge full charge in an hour.
Q: What temps do you vape at with the CFV?
A: Start at 385, bump in 15 degree increments with a stir after each session. Start hotter if through water.
Q: On average how long will the CFV battery last?
A: They ran 8 sessions in a row last week, but without cooldowns.
If you’re having issues with your CFV, send it in for warranty. Boundless will take care of you.
Q: Will the CFC get a mini-bubbler?
A: Yes, eventually we’ll make an adapter.
Q: Will the microbubbler fit the Flowermate SWIFT Pro
A: Yes. They will also have their own version
Q: Any update on the desktop device?
A: Working on patents. Looking at a Q4 2017 launch.
Q: How many people work at Boundless Vapes?
A: 10
Q: What kind of dog? (referring to office dog)
A: Some sort of lab boxer mix. It’s a rescue (Way to go guys!)
Q: Is Boundless having any Black Friday Sales?
A: No. But there are a few places having great deals.
Check out the full list here: Black Friday Vape Deals

If you have a question you’d like asked, leave it in the comments!

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